Takuya Eguchi to make solo debut in April

Popular male seiyuu, designer and semi-regular YouTuber, Takuya Eguchi is going to make his debut as a solo artist this Spring.

Soma Saito featured on Weekly TV Guide January 29, 2021 issue

The second part of Soma Saito's feature on EX-ARM for Weekly TV Guide hits stores this week.

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Tsukipro unveil details on Aoi Satsuki’s “Reicarnation”

Tsukipro unveiled the tracklist and confirmed the release date for Aoi Satsuki's solo single. Tsukiuta Character CD・4th Season 6...

Makoto Furukawa releases short music video for “Chizu ga nakute mo modoru kara”

The short music video of Makoto Furukawa's "Chizu ga nakute mo modoru kara" is out. 地図が無くても戻るから (Chizu ga nakute...

VAZZROCK unveil tracklist for “be lived forwards.”

VAZZROCK unveiled the tracklist for "be lived forwards.". "be lived forwards." is scheduled to be released on 31/05/2019...

TV Guide VOICE STARS release behind the scenes photo of Hiro Shimono’s feature

TV Guide VOICE STARS released a behind the scenes photo of Hiro Shimono's feature. Toshiki Masuda is going...

King Records unveils bonuses for Mamoru Miyano’s “Encore”

King Records unveiled the bonuses included with Mamoru Miyano's 17th single "Encore". Encore is the title of Mamoru Miyano's...

Seiyuu Men unveil back cover featuring Jun Fukuyama

Seiyuu Men unveiled the back cover of its upcoming issue. Nobunaga Shimazaki and Yuma Uchida will be featured...

AMADEUS to release 3rd single this week

AMADEUS are back with new music. AMADEUS is a self-producing duo consisting of Jack Westwood (seiyuu Shunsuke Takeuchi) and rapper Lotus Juice. Their third single...

Mamoru Miyano unveils details on “Encore”

The first details on Mamoru Miyano's 17th single are out. Encore is the title of Mamoru Miyano's newest single,...

Torisetsu to release new single in May

Kousuke Toriumi and Tomoaki Maeno are back with new music. Kousuke Toriumi and Tomoaki Maeno, duo that is responsible...

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