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SP!CA, Maten Rocket, Just 4 U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta “Readyyy! Project 3rd” (Review)

SP!CA, Maten Rocket, Just 4 U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta continue to grow before our eyes (and ears). For this release each unit took upon them the challenge of showcasing something different, and they passed it with flying colors.

Bokutabi: Promotional video released

The promotional video for Bokura ga Amerika o Tabi Shitara is out. 僕らがアメリカを旅したら (Bokura ga Amerika o Tabi Shitara) is a new variety show produced...

buzz★Vibes to perform at Anime Rave Festival

buzz★Vibes are the latest addition to Anime Rave Festival's lineup. buzz★Vibes duo consisting of Showtaro Morikubo and Shinnosuke are confirmed to perform on 31/03/2019 at Anime...

Kitakore & MooNs’ collab song to be released in June

B-PROJECT's Zecchou*Emotion's 4th Blu-ray/DVD is going to include Kitakore & MooNs' collab song. B-PROJECT ~ Zecchou*Emotion ~'s 4th DVD/Blu-ray volume is scheduled to be released on...

Ruka Nadumi “morganite” (Review)

VAZZROCK's 1st season of the bi-color series wraps up on a colorful note with the laidback morganite. Title: 名積ルカ-morganite- Label: Tsukipro/Movic Release date: 25/01/2019 Genre: Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 -...

Tasuku Hatanaka unveils details on 1st full-length album

Lantis unveiled the title and new profile photo for Tasuku Hatanaka. Hatanaka's 1st full-length album is titled FIGHTER and is scheduled to be released on...

UMake postpone HOME’s release

HOME has been postponed. Art Sonic mentioned that due to production issues UMake's 2nd single HOME has been postponed. UMake 2nd シングル「HOME」通常盤・初回盤 発売延期のお詫び #ユーメイク — UMake (@UMake_info) 22 de...

TV Guide VOICE STARS unveil additional lineup for upcoming issue

Jun Fukuyama joins the lineup for TV Guide VOICE STARS' new issue. Toshiki Masuda is going to grace the cover of TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.09....

Broccoli unveil release date for QUARTET NIGHT LIVE FUTURE 2018

Broccoli has unveiled QUARTET NIGHT LIVE FUTURE 2018's release date. QUARTET NIGHT LIVE FUTURE 2018, live that was held at Kobe's World Memorial Hall on 03/11/2018...

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SACRA MUSIC FES.2019–NEW GENERATION- digest available to watch for free

SACRA MUSIC FES.2019–NEW GENERATION- is going to be partially streamed on Aniplex Online Fest next month.

Review | Sir Vanity “Vanity / Haruka”

A new generation of rock bands kicks off with the passion and energy of Sir Vanity in the outstanding debut single, Vanity / Haruka.

Takuma Terashima re-joins Twitter

The talented seiyuu and solo artist has re-joined twitter!

WAVE!! anime to premiere in 2020

The wait is almost over for fans of WAVE!!. The 1st cour of the anime will premiere in 2020. WAVE!! is a mixed media project...

Tenn Kujo celebrates birthday with “RabbiTube” video entry

IDOLiSH7's Tenn Kujo releases a special RabbiTube video on his birthday (July 7). Video has subtitles in English!


Review | Sir Vanity “Vanity / Haruka”

A new generation of rock bands kicks off with the passion and energy of Sir Vanity in the outstanding debut single, Vanity / Haruka.

Review | Anthos “For…”

From the darker melodies in "I know,Who I am" to the softest vibes in "Antholic", Anthos made sure to mark you with "For...".

Review | Impish Crow “GROW”

Impish Crow go for a mature and dirtier take on their rock sound, putting aside powerpop while giving way to hardrock. GROW is a banger.

Review | RUBIA Leopard “Prisoner”

RUBIA Leopard go hard with Prisoner, their 1st entry in DIG-ROCK DUEL FES drama CD series.


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