Out this Week | Mamoru Miyano’s “ZERO to INFINITY” and more

Out this Week 7 - 13 Dec 2020

Mamoru Miyano is back with a new single and Fantôme Iris, Fujin RIZING! and εpsilonΦ make an ambitious joint mini-album release.

This and more in this article. Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

These are the key releases for this week:

  • Mamoru Miyano “ZERO to INFINITY”
  • Fantôme Iris, Fujin RIZING! and εpsilonΦ “Gin no Yuri / banzai RIZING! ! ! / Hikari no Akuma”
  • Anthos’ CHISE “Persona”
  • HANDEAD ANTHEM “KNOCK’EM DEAD” (not featured in the video)

December 9, 2020 (Wednesday)

Mamoru Miyano “ZERO to INFINITY”

Mamoru Miyano ZERO to INFINITY
Music genre: Pop

Mamoru Miyano is back with new music before the end of 2020.

ZERO to INFINITY is a single that will be in heavy rotation in Japan as 2 out of the 3 songs on it will be featured on TV series or anime.

The title track will be featured as Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy‘s theme song. The B-side – Beautiful Doll – is going to be featured as the ending for the TV anime, Levius.

There are high expectations on ZERO to INFINITY surpassing the quality of the lukewarm and uneventful, Hikari Sasu Hou e.

Fantôme Iris, Fujin RIZING! and εpsilonΦ “Gin no Yuri / banzai RIZING! ! ! / Hikari no Akuma

  • Fantôme Iris Gin no Yuri
  • Fujin RIZING! Banzai RIZING!
  • Epsilon Phi Hikari no Akuma

Title: Gin no Yuri / banzai RIZING! ! ! / Hikari no Akuma
Label: Bushiroad
Music genre: Visual-Kei / Pop-Rock / Electro-rock

Big release coming from the ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! franchise.

Fantôme Iris, Fujin RIZING! and εpsilonΦ are going to release a joint mini-album titled Gin no Yuri / banzai RIZING! ! ! / Hikari no Akuma featuring previously released singles and covers, now in full version.

Aside from the new songs, each band edition comes with drama tracks.


Label: Nizista
Music genre: EDM

HANDEAD ANTHEM release a sort of all-star song featuring all their groups – deva, HIGH-TIDE, B.U.H and Yona – titled “KNOCK’EM DEAD“.

Fans of this franchise can’t help but to be excited for this release, as this will be the very first time that all the groups team up for such a release.

At the time this article was released, there was no cover art unveiled for this single.

December 11, 2020 (Wednesday)

Anthos’ CHISE “Persona”

Anthos Chise Persona
Title: Persona
Label: Movic
Music genre: Pop

Anthos* continue their solo series, The Way I Am, this time around with an entry by CHISE, voiced by Wataru Komada.

Persona hits stores this week.

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