Out this Week | Fling Posse VS MAD TRIGGER CREW, Anthos*’ “Meet” and more

Fling Posse face off MAD TRIGGER CREW, Anthos* release their 1st album, SHIFTYZ make their debut, Hiroshi Kamiya is back with a mini-album.

Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

These are the key releases for this week:

  • Akatsuki “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Akatsuki”
  • Camus “Uta no Prince Sama Idol Song Camus”
  • Hiroshi Kamiya “BRAND NEW WAY”
  • OLDCODEX “Full Colors”
  • Mosotei Ichimon “Mousou tei no Tema”
  • Kai Fuduki “Yume okuri bito”
  • Sho Onoda “diamond×hematite”
  • SHIFTYZ “ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-“
  • Impish Crow “DIG-ROCK ―dice― Type: IC”
  • KAGARIBI’s Judah “Display”
  • Anthos* “Meet”
  • Fling Posse VS MAD TRIGGER CREW “HypnosisMic 2nd Division Rap Battle “Fling Posse vs MAD TRIGGER CREW”

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March 24, 2021 (Wednesday)

Akatsuki “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Akatsuki”

Title: Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Akatsuki
Music genre: Traditional Japanese music / pop

Ensemble Stars!!’ resident traditional Japanese pop group, Akatsuki, make their entry in the on going ES Idol Song series.

Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Akatsuki” hits stores this week, bringing a new song to the table “Akatasuki Iroha Uta” as well as their own take on “BRAND NEW STARS!!“.

Camus “Uta no Prince Sama Idol Song Camus”

Camus "Uta no Prince Sama Idol Song Camus"
Title: Uta no Prince Sama Idol Song Camus
Label: Broccoli
Music genre: Pop

Camus (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) makes his entry in the Idol Song series in the Utapri franchise.

Uta no Prince Sama Idol Song Camus counts with 2 new songs – ALL MY MISSION and Steward Dance – and, depending on the edition you get, you’ll have a different commentary track about one of the songs in it.

Hiroshi Kamiya “BRAND NEW WAY”

Hiroshi Kamiya BRAND NEW WAY
Label: Kiramune
Music genre: Pop

It’s been a while since Hiroshi Kamiya has graced his fans with new music. His most recent CD release was “TP” in April 2020.

After a long wait, this week fans will get their hands on Hiroshi Kamiya‘s 7th single “BRAND NEW WAY“.

OLDCODEX “Full Colors”

OLDCODEX "Full Colors"
Title: Full Colors
Label: Lantis
Music genre: EDM

Some of OLDCODEX‘s iconic songs get the remix treatment this week with the release of “Full Colors“.

If you ever imagined how OLDCODEX would sound if their song were not made for a mosh pit but for the dancefloor, this will be quite the entertaining release. If you’re thirsty for new music from OLDCODEX, this serves as a distraction.


Label: Pony Canyon
Music genre: Pop / Rock

Fans of the A3! franchise will get on CD their favorite songs featured in some of the events of the popular smartphone game.

A3! EVER LASTING LP includes 7 songs in its regular edition however, those who purchase the limited edition will get their hands on 7 additional songs (for a total of 14 tracks).

If you’re a fan of A3!, and especially of the music featured in-game, this CD is a must.

Impish Crow “DIG-ROCK ―dice― Type:IC”

Impish Crow DIG-ROCK - dice - Type IC
Title: DIG-ROCK ―dice― Type:IC
Label: Team Entertainment
Music genre: Powerpop

DIG-ROCK’s Impish Crow make their first entry in the on going “dice” CD series.

The band, counting with vocals by Yuma Uchida, release with this drama + music CD a new song “Updraft“.

KAGARIBI “Display”

KAGARIBI Judah Display cover
Title: ディスプレイ
Label: Rejet
Music genre: Rock

Judah (CV: Soma Saito) makes his first ever band release this week. KAGARIBI’s “Display” includes 3 new songs as well as 6 fan favorites + a dummyhead mic drama track.

Fling Posse & MAD TRIGGER CREW “HypnosisMic 2nd Division Rap Battle “Fling Posse vs MAD TRIGGER CREW”

Title: HypnosisMic 2nd Division Rap Battle “Fling Posse vs MAD TRIGGER CREW
Music genre: Hip-Hop

The 3rd battle in the 2nd division rap battle series in the Hypnosis Mic franchise pities Fling Posse (representing Shibuya) and MAD TRIGGER CREW (representing Yokohama) in “HypnosisMic 2nd Division Rap Battle “Fling Posse vs MAD TRIGGER CREW“.

Good vibes, strong bonds and a lot of want to win, as well a recent popularity boost to both crews – that have impressed in 2020 – make this the most unpredictable battle in this first round, pitying two fan favorites.

On my end it’s team Fling Posse however, either result would be a win as these are my favorite crews in the Hypnosis Mic.

March 26, 2021 (Friday)

Mosotei Ichimon “Mousou tei no Tema”

Mosotei Ichimon "Mousou tei no Tema"
Title: 妄想亭のテーマ
Label: Movic
Music genre: Jazz-Pop

Mosotei Ichimon, group consisting on Yoshiki Nakajima, Kento Ito, Reiou Tsuchida and Yuki Sakakihara, protagonists in the BL-meets-Rakugo TV show, Bokuraku, release the show’s theme song on CD this week.

Mousou tei no Tema” arrives with a catchy sound that will make you beg for more.

Kai Fuduki “Yume okuri bito”

Title: Tsukiuta. Character CD, 4th Season 8 Kai Fuduki “Yume okuri bito” 
Label: Movic
Music genre: Pop

Procellarum continue their participation in the ongoing 4th season of solo CDs. Kai Fuduki (CV: Wataru Hatano) is up next, releasing the single “Yume okuri bito“.

Sho Onoda “diamond×hematite”

Title: diamond×hematite
Label: Movic
Music genre: Pop-Rock

ROCK DOWN’s leader, Sho Onoda (CV: Yukitoshi Kikuchi) kicks off the 3rd season of the bi-color series.

diamond×hematite” counts with a new solo song and a duet with Gaku Oguro (CV: Takuya Masumoto).

SHIFTYz “ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-“

ENLIGHTRIBE-side.SHIFTYz The-beginning-
Title: ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-
Label: Movic
Music genre: Rock

SHIFTYz, rock band counting with the vocals of Shunichi Toki, make their debut this week with ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-.

Anthos* “Meet”

Anthos* Meet
Title: Meet
Label: Movic
Music genre: Experimental EDM / Pop

Now a 7-piece idol group, Anthos* release their 1st full-length album. Fans can expect unique music, dreamy soundscapes and top tier harmonizations in “Meet“.

A new OUT THIS WEEK article + video drops next Monday.

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