Out this Week | Yuma Uchida “Equal”, Anthos* “es” and more

Yuma Uchida and Anthos* release their 2nd albums, Knights, aoppella?! and Tokyo Color Sonic!! release new singles this week.

Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

These are the key releases for this week:

  • Knights “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season2 Knights”
  • Yuma Uchida “Equal”
  • Anthos* “INCOMPLICA:I/F~es~”
  • Lil Happy and FY’A’M “aoppella 2”
  • Towa and Mirai “Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.3 TOWA X MIRAI”
  • Ayumu Tachibana “aquamarine×pearl”
  • FAM “ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -Reach for the Top-“
  • Miyu Irino “April”

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September 22, 2021 (Wednesday)

Knights “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season2 Knights”

Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season2 Knights
Title: Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season2 Knights
Music genre: Pop 

Knights is the next group up to release an ES Idol Song CD in the Ensemble Stars!! franchise.

Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season2 Knights” counts with the new songs “Mystic Fragrance” and “Castle of my Heart”.

Yuma Uchida “Equal”

Yuma Uchida regular edition
Title: Equal
Music genre: Pop/Rock/Ballad

After 2 years, Yuma Uchida releases the follow-up to stellar 1st full-length album “HORIZON”.

Equal” hits stores this week, counting with a batch of previously released songs that include “Rainbow”, “Over”, “Image”, “SHAKE!SHAKE!SHAKE!” and “Comin’ Back” as well as a couple of new songs that will show the two different yet equal sides to Yuma Uchida, the solo artist.

September 24, 2021 (Friday)

Anthos* “INCOMPLICA:I/F~es~”

Music genre: Pop

Anthos* release their long-awaited 2nd album as a septet.

INCOMPLICA:I/F~es~” includes 2 new songs “Lay it down” and “Paradiso” as well as another set of drama tracks diving a bit further into the complex story in the franchise.

Lil Happy and FY’A’M “aoppella 2”

aoppella CD2
Title: aoppella 2
Label: KLab
Music genre: Acappella

aoppella?!’s Lil Happy and FY’A’M are back with another set of original songs.

In “aoppella 2“, fans will find Lil Happy‘s キセキノウタ (Kiseki no Uta) and FYA’M’‘s “Come on up, Baby“.

Towa and Mirai “Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.3 TOWA X MIRAI”

Title: Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.3 TOWA X MIRAI
Label: sprout/COLORATION
Music genre: Pop

The 3rd buddy team in the TOKYO COLOR SONIC!! franchise hops on stage. 

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.3 TOWA X MIRAI” counts with a new song titled “VOICE“, song performed by Towa (CV: Gakuto Kajiwara) as well as drama tracks covering the interactions of Towa with Mirai (CV: Ryohei Kimura).

Ayumu Tachibana “aquamarineXpearl”

Title: Tachibana Ayumu -aquamarine×pearl-
Label: Movic
Music genre: Pop-Rock

The VAZZROCK franchise continues its 3rd season of the bi-color series.

This time around we have ROCK DOWN’s Ayumu Tachibana (cv: Taito Ban) with “aquamarine×pearl“.

Fans can expect 2 songs, one of those is the solo track 忘れる。(Wasureru) and the other is 人生桜花 (Jinsei Oka), duet song by Taito Ban & Yusuke Kobayashi. The CD counts as well with 2 instrumental tracks as well as 2 drama tracks.

FAM “ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -Reach for the Top-“

FAM "ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -Reach for the Top-"
Title: ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -Reach for the Top-
Label: Movic
Music genre: Rock

ENLIGHTRIBE’s pop-punk rock band FAM is back with a new single after a thunderous debut in February.

The new single is titled “ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -Reach for the Top-” and you can expect Tomohiro Yamaguchi on vocals however with a twist as Fumiyoshi Shioya, Tetsuei Sumiya, and Toshinari Fukamachi will be joining him in the chorus sections for an extra shot of power.

Miyu Irino “April”

Title: April
Label: Kiramune
Music genre: Pop/Rock

Miyu Irino surprises his fans with the release of a special digital single titled “April“. The song has lyrics and composition by Irino himself, showing yet another side to his artist self.

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