Out this Week | apple-polisher’s “Neu-ERA”, rêve parfait’s “Kurokami Reflex” and more

DYNAMIC CHORD are back with new music by all of their bands. The franchise attempts to rise from the ashes with 4 crowdfunded singles hitting stores this week.

Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

These are the key releases for this week:

  • apple-polisher “Neu-ERA”
  • rêve parfait “黒髪リフレックス” (Kurokami Reflex)
  • Liar-S “アトサキハルカ” (Atosaki Haruka)
  • KYOHSO “狂騒” (Kyoso)

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February 17, 2021 (Wednesday)

apple-polisher “Neu-ERA”

apple-polisher Neu-ERA
Title: Neu-ERA
Label: Honeybee Black
Music genre: Electro-Rock

When most fans thought the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise was done for good – after a disastrous anime and smartphone game adaptations -, it seems that the franchise is slowly rising from the ashes.

Some things have changed about the project, with the most obvious being that Nippon Columbia is not behind the distribution of the franchise’s music. At the same time, the franchise went the crowdfunding route to release new music by all bands.

Turning a new page, the DYNAMIC CHORD franchise brings 4 singles, one by each band, all releasing on the same day.

apple-polisher, rock band with a touch of R&B and EDM and fronted by Shouta Aoi, are back after a long period of time without music releases.

Neu-ERA marks the talented and eclectic band's comeback, hopefully a strong one because their music has been flawless since their debut.

rêve parfait “Kurokami Reflex”

rêve parfait Kurokami Reflex
Title: 黒髪リフレックス
Label: Honeybee Black
Music genre: Pop-Rock

The exciting and eclectic pop-rockers rêve parfait – band counting with vocals by Takuya Eguchi – are back with a new single.

Kurokami Reflex” will be the wild horse out of all songs being released by DYNAMIC CHORD’s bands this month.

After all, rêve parfait are quite the unique rock band sound-wise, not repeating the same sound nor approaching their songs in the same for 2 releases in a row.

Liar-S “Atosaki Haruka”

Liar-S "Atosaki Haruka"
Title: アトサキハルカ
Label: Honeybee Black
Music genre: Emo-Rock

Emo-rock is clearly a subgenre that doesn’t get enough love nowadays and few are the bands and the artists among seiyuu or within 2D music projects that dare venture towards the emotional route.

Liar-S – emo-rock band counting with the vocals of Takuma Terashima – are back with another chapter in their journey with “Atosaki Haruka“.

KYOHSO “Kyoso”

Title: 狂騒
Label: Honeybee Black
Music genre: Rock

And wrapping up this week’s releases as well as DYNAMIC CHORD’s long-awaited comeback releases are KYOHSO.

The daring rockers – counting with the vocals of Showtaro Morikubo – intend to make an impactful comeback with their new single, “Kyoso“.

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