Out this Week | ŹOOĻ’s “Bang!Bang!Bang!” and ARGONAVIS & GYROAXIA “VOICE/MANIFESTO”

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January 15, 2020 (Wednesday)

This week – 13 to 19 January, 2020 – is particularly slow. Most releases are saved up for the upcoming weeks, leaving this day pretty much open for comfortable charting.

This Wednesday we have 2 key releases making its way into the stores: ŹOOĻ‘s Bang!Bang!Bang! and ARGONAVIS & GYROAXIA‘s VOICE/MANIFESTO.

ŹOOĻ “Bang!Bang!Bang!”

ŹOOĻ "Bang!Bang!Bang!"

Title: Bang!Bang!Bang!

Label: Lantis

Music genre: Pop

It has been a while since ŹOOĻ last released music. After two years with no releases, the group releases their 2nd single, Bang!Bang!Bang!. Including the title track – that was recently featured on IDOLiSH7’s BLACK OR WHITE event – as well as the fan favorite ZONE OF OVERLAP, this single promises to shake things up in the i7 franchise.

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ARGONAVIS & GYROAXIA release the joint single VOICE/MANIFESTO this week. This is going to be the fans’ first full taste of GYROAXIA’s debut song, MANIFESTO. At the same time ARGONAVIS changed a bit their sound, bringing something fresh with VOICE.

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