Out this Week | Daisuke Ono “STARGAZER” and Namimori Boys “Densetsu no Surf Prince”

We’re back to a quiet week of releases. Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

Due to current state of emergency issued in Japan, production and release of some CDs has been halted. In result, several releases have been postponed.

THTFHQ keeps on updating you on what has been postponed and the new dates for some releases that were expected to hit stores this month. The updates have been made as soon as information is unveiled by the music labels affected, so that you don’t miss a beat.

These are the key releases for this week:

  • Namimori Boys “Densetsu no Surf Prince”

October 14, 2020 (Wednesday)


Daisuke Ono STARGAZER regular edition
Label: Lantis
Music genre: Pop

Daisuke Ono has been teasing for a while this release. STARGAZER, OnoD’s latest mini-album, hits stores this week.

Namimori Boys “Densetsu no Surfing Prince”

Namimori Boys Densetsu no Surf Prince
Title: Densetsu no Surf Prince
Music genre: Pop

Namimori Boys‘ newest release is the single, Densetsu no Surf Prince. The title track is featured as the theme song for the WAVE!! movies.

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