OSIRIS “Re:incarnation” (Review)

The popular band OSIRIS has made their comeback with another fascinating track. Re:incarnation is yet another compelling track with a promising instrumental piece and vocal performance.

Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

Title: Re:incarnation
Label: Sony Music Japan
Release date: 25/10/2017
Genre: J-Rock

Track analysis:

1- Re:incarnation

Starting off with a powerful build up provided by the drums, Re:incarnation is yet another compelling track with a promising instrumental piece as well as vocals. Violins and the occasional bell that we can listen to in the background of the instrumental piece just amplify the dramatic ambiance that we have going on in Re:incarnation. More than any other track released by the group, we must say that above all else what really renders us amazed is all the instruments going full speed yet have somehow managing to remain in their own place, not overshadowing one another, and instead the oppositive aftermath is noticed, as we have a heavy instrumental with each instrument creating a marvelous harmony when combined.

As per usual for OSIRIS, the guitar solos are amazing, fully packed with emotion creating an amazing and gripping solo in their track. Kobayashi’s vocals are yet another praiseworthy aspect to refer. Although it is not secret that the vocals never fails us in OSIRIS’s tracks, we cannot be without any amazement whenever we listen to another track by the band.

All in all, Re:incarnation is marvelously performed track with its unique style and genre by which OSIRIS is so known for, but brought to another level, and to aid in the that task the violins and the speedy instrument had a big part in the process.

Final rating:

The single is only available on digital stores.

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