OSIRIS’ Masanori Kobayashi announces solo project

Masanori Kobayashi is taking a new step in his career.

After wrapping up his promotions with OSIRIS, Masanori Kobayashi announced that he’s taking a new step in his career.

The singer, actor and seiyuu notified his fans on twitter that he’d opened an official personal instagram account, linking at the same to an announcement video in which it can be read “Kobayashi Masanori Solo Project will be started this winter.

It is now confirmed that the talented singer, wildly known for his vocal prowess and charisma on stage as OSIRIS‘ vocalist, is going to make his solo debut this winter.

More details will follow in the upcoming months. To be up-to-date with Kobayashi‘s news you can follow his official SNS accounts (links below) and our website, as we’re going to pay close attention to his solo career.

SOURCE: Masanori Kobayashi official twitter account / Official instagram