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Yesterday OSIRIS, hardrock band from the rhythm game Band Yarouze!, released a digital single. Get to know what we think about it through this review!

A brief intro for those that are unfamiliar with this band. OSIRIS is fronted by seiyuu and anisong singer, Masanori Kobayashi (live vocals and recording as Kyo).

The rest of the band includes Yuichiro Umehara (voicing the drummer and leader, Shin), Yuma Uchida (voicing the bass player Makoto) and Natsuki Hanae (voicing the guitarist Ray). On a live setting Kobayashi still fronts the band but none of the other seiyuu play their respective instruments (we know some of you would love to see that happen!). A hired band backs Kobayashi whenever there’s a tour or live show.

OSIRIS is one of the four main bands (Fairy April, Blast and Cure2 Tron) featured on the smartphone rhythm game “Band Yarouze!“.

After this small intro we kick off this review.

Title: for you...
Label: Sony Music Japan
Release date: 23/08/2017
Genre: J-Rock/Hardrock

1 – for you…

If there is one thing OSIRIS‘ fans can expect with each release it’s high quality instrumentals and powerful vocal performances. “for you…” does the trick even if they go towards a softer sound with quiet, melodic verses and a strong chorus plus a stunning bridge. The bassy drums set a fast pace for this song while the guitar adds an edgy, rawer touch to the song alongside the explosive bass performance. It’s the first time the band has released a song like this, in the past they’ve covered SID‘s jazzy hit “Monochrome no Kiss“, went all out dramatic visual-kei metal with “Bloody Masquerade“, rendered fans to tears with the powerful ballad “Heavenly Breeze“, then released the dramatic rock tune “Silent Crisis” and released some dark songs such as “Voice“, “Into the Madness” and “Desire“. “for you…” stands on a completely different category with its soft, yet powerful sound and rather upbeat, hopeful verses. Even if it’s a first time for this band, they pulled it off perfectly. It’s impossible to ignore this song’s instrumental. It’s exciting, fresh and still sounds like OSIRIS with the explosive instrumentalization and the haunting vocal performance.

Kobayashi‘s performance is exactly what you could expect from a highly skilled singer as himself. His mid-tones are steady, his falsetto is breathtakingly beautiful, and he reaches high notes with an ease that is hard to come by these days. Even if we wanted to be critical with his performance we wouldn’t find any flaws. It’s a clean, complete performance full of soul and easy to connect with the listener..

for you…” is a top release to add to the never ending list of top releases by the awesome hardrock band, OSIRIS.

Final rating: 

The single is only available on digital stores. From now on we’ll be reviewing OSIRIS‘ releases.


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