OSIRIS & Fairy April “Frontier” (Review)

Delivered by OSIRIS and Fairy April, Frontier is a collaboration single that brings out the best of both worlds with its mellow instrumental piece and powerful vocals.

In case this is your first time hearing about this bands, here is a quick overview of each band’s members.

Fairy April‘s frontman is the seiyuu Aoi Shouta (both at live concerts and when recording as Asahi). The remaining members consist of Kaito Ishikawa, voicing the guitarist Kazuma, Yuusuke Kobayashi, voicing the drummer Misato, and Shouma Yamamoto, voicing the bassist Yoshimune.

OSIRIS’s frontman is the seiyuu and anisong singer, Masanori Kobayashi (both at live concerts and when recording as Kyo Tatara). The remaining band members include Yuichiro Umehara, the drummer and leader, Shin, Yuma Uchida, the bassist Makoto and Natsuki Hanae, the guitarist Ray.

Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

Title: Frontier
Label: Sony Music Japan
Release date: 18/10/2017
Genre: J-Rock

Track analysis:

1 – Frontier

A featuring between OSIRIS and Fairy April is something one would not think of right off of the bat, however and as we were able to notice, the mix between the powerful vocals from each band and the slightly mellow instrumental piece really did the job for us on this track. Even though the instrumental does not have any similarities with what we are used to listen from the hard-rock band OSIRIS it is important to mention that the slow tempo drums and the overall bright instrumental piece does in fact suit both groups, since it is a hybrid of both bands’ genre. If you thought that either Shouta or Kobayashi would overpower one another then you are gravely mistaken, in fact their harmonizations are probably the cherry on top of the cake in the chorus. Although the lead instrument in “Frontier” is an acoustic guitar, the ever present bells give a slight Christmas feel to the whole instrumental piece, even if that was not the purpose at all.

The song is equally divided in such a way that each chorus is sang by either Kobayashi or Shouta, even though the verse right after it is the moment for both of them to shine and show their true skills as they go higher in their vocal range. We must say that these contrasting voices are indeed a great a combo. Shouta‘s vocals are powerful yet Kobayashi’s experience singing rock songs gives him his own distinct intensity to the song, whereas Shouta does melt us in a different way. He delivers his high notes in an extremely poised fashion.

To wrap things up, we would like to mention that Kobayashi and Shouta nailed it in this track, be it for their individual vocal performance or for their harmonization skills. “Frontier” is most definitely one of the best collaborations we’ve listen to so far.

Final rating: 

The single is only available on digital stores.

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