Oricon 2017 Top-Selling releases: A3! dominates, QUARTET NIGHT, Idolmaster SideM and more follow

Oricon released the final rankings for this year’s Top-Selling releases in each category. Among seiyuu/seiyuu units/2.5D idols, A3! dominated the rankings, having 9 out 9 releases featured on it.

Oricon counted for these results the physical sales from singles and albums released from December 12, 2016 to December 10, 2017.

This is the top 15 Top-Selling releases by seiyuu/seiyuu units/2.5D idols in 2017:

  1. QUARTET NIGHT “God’s S.T.A.R.” (Sales: 137,068)
  2. Idolmaster SideM 315 STARS “Reason!!” (Sales: 96,429)
  3. A3ders! “MANKAI☆Kaika Sengen” (Sales: 88,898)
  4. Uta no Prince Sama “Shining Romance / FORCE LIVE” (Sales: 53,942)
  5. A3! First Summer EP (Sales: 47,352)
  6. A3! First Autumn EP (Sales: 45,398)
  7. A3! First SPRING EP (Sales; 43,164)
  8. TRIGGER “REGALITY” (Sales: 40,831)
  9. A3! First WINTER EP (Sales: 37,184)
  10. A3! Blooming SPRING EP (Sales: 34,329)
  11. A3! Blooming SUMMER EP (Sales: 33,220)
  12. A3! Blooming AUTUMN EP (Sales: 31,084)
  13. A3! Blooming WINTER EP (Sales: 29,875)
  14. Soma Saito “Yoake wa mada / Hikari Tatsu Ame” (Sales: 25,119)
  15. B-Project “S Kyuu Paradise” BLACK (Sales: 24,988)

A3! managed the impressive feat of featuring 9 out 9 releases made in 2017 on this chart. This franchise was a force to be reckoned with during this past year (a reminder that this franchise has yet to celebrate its first anniversary). QUARTET NIGHT set a record in the seiyuu/2.5D business as the first ever #1 Single on Oricon Weekly, that was all due to the fantastic release and impressive sales figures, leading all seiyuu fueled projects during this year. Following their footsteps, TRIGGER set a record in the seiyuu/2.5D business. They are the first ever 2.5D unit/seiyuu fueld project to achieve #1 on Oricon Weekly. The album “REGALITY” was against pretty tough competition when it was released – which justifies the low sales in comparison with other franchises on this chart – regardless it still found its way to claim the coveted #1 and while at it, set a new record.

Utapri‘s “Shining Romance /FORCE LIVE” had a fantastic first week of sales which earned the release a top 5 on Oricon Weekly. This QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH joint release was well received by their fans.

Soma Saito is the only solo artist featured on this top 15 (Mamoru Miyano was close to being featured with little over 22,000 copies of “The Love” sold). Saito managed to impress not only with his music, but also with his surprising sales power, something uncommon for a rookie solo singer coming from a seiyuu background.

Idolmaster SideM showed their explosive popularity, making “Reason!!” one of the fastest singles by a seiyuu project to ever get certified Gold by RIAJ (they certify releases not based on actual sales but the amount of CDs shipped to stores for sale, hence it has a little bit over 90,000 sales but is certified Gold).

B-Project‘s electrifying “S Kyuu Paradise” is the last entry on this chart. The album, released this summer, was an instant hit, quickly grabbing a top 5 spot on Oricon Weekly as well as on Billboard Hot 100.

Disclaimer: This chart only counts with releases that feature male seiyuu (our website’s focus). Information was compiled from Oricon’s paid service, hence no print screens with the sales figures will be provided.

SOURCE: Oricon

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