[Oricon Weekly] Tsukipro’s units, rêve parfait, 2Wink, UNDEAD and more chart on this week’s Oricon Weekly

QUELL, SOARA, SolidS, rêve parfait2Wink, UNDEAD, Hiroshi Kamiya, Kato Kazuki and more appear on last week’s Oricon Weekly chart.

This article covers the third week of October – which includes singles/albums released between 16/10/2017 and 22/10/2017.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album ranking

NEW ENTRY: Kato Kazuki goes unnoticed on Oricon

The talented pop-rocker released his new mini-album SPICY BOX last week and the fan’s reception was a bit underwhelming. Kazuki sold under 2.000 copies on its first week of sales.

You can read our review HERE.

NEW ENTRY: Idolmaster SideM continue to show their popularity

Idolmaster SideM continue to rank high on Oricon. This Origin@l Pieces volume performed incredibly well during the past week, leading to the impressive #8 on Oricon Weekly.

Oricon Weekly Single ranking

NEW ENTRY: [rêve parfait] receive a lukewarm response

[rêve parfait] released “p.s.i hate you♡xxx” last week. The single performed well – in comparison with other of their releases – debuting on #38. It seems that the weak response to the anime adaptation has somehow affected this single’s exposure. The reaction was lukewarm and on one week, this single only managed to sell under 1000 copies.

Hiroshi Kamiya slips on the chart

Kamisama Connection” dropped from #3 to #20 in just one week. Even if the drop was significant, the single continues to sell well as you can see from the 2,343 copies sold during the past week.

We’ve reviewed the single but were throughly unimpressed by the lack of quality, among other issues on it. You can read our review HERE.

Ensemble stars units slowly exiting the top 50

UNDEAD‘s powerful single has been gradually dropping on the chart. In the past week, the single dropped from #15 to #36.

You can read our review HERE.

The other Ensemble Stars! unit charting on Oricon Weekly is 2wink.

2wink follow the exact same pattern and also dropped to #43 after ranking at #22 the week before.

You can read our review HERE.

NEW ENTRY: QUELL make stunning debut at #12

Because you are” debuted on Oricon on Top 10 daily and made a steady run during the past week. QUELL‘s single ranked #12 on Oricon Weekly, the highest any QUELL release has ever ranked.

You can read our review HERE.

SOARA quickly drops to top 30

After a career high on Oricon when “ALIEL” debuted on Oricon last week, SOARA‘s impressive rise on the charts quickly inverted. The single is currently at #30.

You can read our review HERE.

SolidS almost drop out of top 50

This was the third week for SolidS on Oricon. The addictive Burny!!! dropped from #24 to #45.

You can read our Burny!!! review HERE.

SOURCES: Oricon official website – albums / singles

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information.

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