[Oricon Weekly] SideM, Hypnosis Mic’s crews, Torisetsu and more top this week’s charts

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the second week of June – which includes singles and albums released between 11/06/2018 and 17/06/2018. 

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album ranking


Mamoru Miyano “MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M THE BEST”

Mamoru Miyano best of album “MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M THE BEST” is on its second week featured on Oricon Weekly. Despite the high sales figures it had in the past week – a bit over 5.000 – the album ended up losing 7 places, sitting now at #12. The best of album has over 27.000 copies sold (cumulative).

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.



5 weeks straight on Oricon Weekly. Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW continue to impress with their sales numbers and charting consistency. The album recovered 4 places on the chart and entered top 30. The album is now close to 25.000 copies sold, ranking at #28.

Once again, for those that purchased the album, a reminder: don’t forget to cast your votes for the crew you want to go to the finals to face the winner of Fling Posse VS Matenrou. Instructions on how to do it come with the battle card included with the album.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


Knights “Ensemble Stars! Album series Knights

Knights‘s continue their journey on Oricon Weekly with their first album “Ensemble Stars! Album series Knights“. Three weeks since its release and the album continues to lose ground. With a bit under 2.000 sold in the past week, the album dropped 10 places to #32.

Oricon Weekly Single ranking



The newest installment of SideM‘s shuffle series WORLD TRE@SURE impressed in the past week. Upon release, the single jumped to the top 15 spots on Oricon Daily, keeping that consistency for the whole week. With over 8.200 copies sold, the second volume of this series ranked at #11.


NEW ENTRY: Toriumi Kousuke & Maeno Tomoaki’s Otona no Torisetsu “Koishite Moonlight/Densetsu no Sweetie

Kousuke Toriumi and Tomoaki Maeno enter Oricon Weekly’s top 50 with “Koishite Moonlight/Densetsu no Sweetie“ , single that counts with the songs featured as opening and ending themes to their variety show, “Otona no Torisetsu”. The single sold a bit over 2.000 copies, earning it a comfortable #31.


Matenro “Matenro -onnin rinshou”

Matenro‘s “Matenro -onnin rinshou” is on a roll. The single released last year is on its 4th straight week on Oricon Weekly and refuses to go down without a fight. 1,276 copies of the single were sold in the past week, however those weren’t enough to maintain their spot. “Matenro -onnin rinshou” dropped one spot to #44. The single now has over 9.000 copies sold (cumulative).

We’ve reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.



MAD TRIGGER CREW survives another week on Oricon Weekly. “BAYSIDE M.T.C” gained one spot since last week. A bit over 1.000 copies took this single to #48.

We’ve reviewed this release. You can find it HERE.


RE-ENTRY: Fling Posse “Fling Posse F.P.S.M”

For the second time in three weeks, Fling Posse‘s “Fling Posse F.P.S.M” re-enters Oricon Weekly’s top 50 chart. The single sold a bit under 1.000 copies, raising the number of copies sold to a over 8.000 (cumulative). “Fling Posse F.P.S.M” sits at #49.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review here.

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums


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