[Oricon Weekly] GRANRODEO, Hyorotto Danshi, Eden and more top this week’s Oricon Chart

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the third week of February – which includes singles/albums released between 19/02/2018 and 25/02/2018. This week doesn’t include the “Album” category as not a single release by male seiyuu managed to chart within top 50.

Let’s take a look at the data.


Oricon Weekly Single ranking



Ensemble Stars!‘s new units Adam and Eve joined forces as Eden for a special release. The unit’s debut release “THE GENESIS” instantly shot to the top places on Oricon Daily upon release.

After a week on the chart, “THE GENESIS” has a little bit over 12.000 copies sold, earning Eden their first ever top 10 (#8) place on Oricon Weekly.



After a record setting week, the hype around ST☆RISH‘s new single “ULTRA BLAST” has slightly faded. The release dropped from #2 to #13 on its second week of sales. Up until now the single has sold over 125.000 copies.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review HERE.



GRANRODEO returned with the stunning “Deadly Drive“, single that had a pretty good first week of sales. With a little bit over 8.500 copies sold, “Deadly Drive” occupies #16 on this week’s ranking.

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IDOLiSH7‘s “WiSH VOYAGE” dropped a couple of places since last week. The unit’s latest release was occupying #5 during its first week of sales, now it occupies #22. So far, this release has sold a bit over 27.000 copies in two weeks.

We reviewed this release. You can find it HERE.


NEW ENTRY: Hyorotto Danshi “Oshiete yo”

Hyorotto Danshi‘s new single “Oshiete yo” was the talk in town as soon as the song was featured on Gakuen Babysitters, after that, at one point it topped CDJAPAN’s sales/pre-order charts, increasing the buzz surrounding this release. However, upon release “Oshiete yo” didn’t perform as expected after all that buzz. The duo still managed to trail comfortably on Oricon Daily, earning them a safe #27 on this week’s chart.

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THE IDOLM@STER‘s 3rd ANNIVERSARY DISC series continues its journey on Oricon Weekly although having lost a significant number of places since last week (occupied #17). This release featuring FRAME, Mofumofuen and F-LAGS – is currently on #41. 

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information. The Oricon charts only count physical copies. Digital figures and ranks might be different.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums