Oricon Weekly | HE☆VENS, IDOLiSH7 and more top this week’s charts

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the 4th week of August – which includes singles and albums released between 24/08/2020 and 30/08/2020.

A note that, this week, there were no albums by male seiyuu, bands or 2D idol projects on Oricon’s Top 50. With that being said, this week this article will not feature the “Oricon Weekly Album Ranking” section.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album Ranking


NEW ENTRY: HE☆VENS “Paradise Lost~Fall on me~”

HEAVENS fall on me

HE☆VENS tackled a new drama CD series, Paradise Lost.

The Paradise Lost~Fall on me~ trio grabbed a spot at #10 after selling 6,868 copies.


NEW ENTRY: HE☆VENS “Paradise Lost~Beside you~”

HEAVENS beside you

Following closely behind come the other side of HE☆VENS.

The quartet behind Paradise Lost~Beside you~ scored a spot at #11 after selling 6,777 copies.


NEW ENTRY: Given “gift”

Given – fronted by Shogo Yano – join Oricon Weekly Album’s chart with gift.

The mini-album had a pretty solid first week of sales, managing to sell 6,577 copies, enough to grab a spot at #12.




RUBIA Leopard‘s latest entry in the DUEL FES series found its way into the top 50 of the Oricon Weekly Singles’ Chart.

DIG-ROCK ―DUEL FES― Vol.3 Identity sits at #43 with 1,668 copies sold.

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking


NEW ENTRY: Eden “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Eden”

Eden “Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Eden”

Eden’s 1st entry in the ES Idol Song series was extremely well received.

Ensemble Stars!! ES Idol Song season1 Eden sold 13,332 copies, more than enough to warrant a spot at #11.




After releasing the title track as a digital single back in May, IDOLiSH7 released DiSCOVER THE FUTURE in physical version.

The single grabbed a spot at #14 after selling 9,685 copies.


NEW ENTRY: Re:vale “Mirai Notes o Kanadete”

Revale Mirai Notes o Kanadete

Re:vale have shared the same unfortunate postponements as IDOLiSH7 and also made Mirai Notes o Kanadete available digitally early this summer.

Now, fans of the talented duo got their hands on the physical edition – that was well received -, managing to sell 9,238 copies, taking the single to #15.


NEW ENTRY: Yuma Uchida “Image”

Yuma Uchida Image regular cover
Regular edition

Yuma Uchida‘s 6th single, Image, arrived with a lot of hype on it – carrying it from previous, successful releases + result of KING RECORDS’ massive marketing efforts putting Uchida on TV and radio shows across Japan – and, sales wise, the single performed pretty well.

Image managed to sell 7,722 copies, taking a spot at #18.




ES ALL STARS celebrated Ensemble Stars!!’s 5th anniversary with a special single release. BRAND NEW STARS!! takes a spot at #20 after selling 6,493 copies.


NEW ENTRY: SolidS “Dear Dreamer,”

SolidS Dear Dreamer,

Dear Dreamer,, song premiered in 2018 on Tsukipro the Animation, finally saw the light of day.

The song was performed by the 4 Tsukipro units – part of the SQ and ALIVE series -, being split into 4 different releases.

Coming on top of all other groups is SolidS. The group managed to pull off 2,127 copies sold, enough for a comfortable stop at #35.


NEW ENTRY: Growth “Dear Dreamer,”

Growth Dear Dreamer,

Following closely behind is the unique quartet, Growth.

Their take on Dear Dreamer, managed to sell 1,905 copies, taking them to #39.


NEW ENTRY: Noir*20 “Mirai DICE!!”

Noir20 Mirai DICE regular cover
Regular edition

I-Chu’s Noir*20 jump to #41 with their single, Mirai DICE!!. 1,787 copies were more than enough to put this release within top 50.


NEW ENTRY: SOARA “Dear Dreamer,”

SOARA Dear Dreamer,

A couple of places behind are SOARA, also with a take on Dear Dreamer,. The rock quintet sits at #44 with 1,678 copies sold.


NEW ENTRY: QUELL “Dear Dreamer,”

QUELL Dear Dreamer,

And closing this chart we find QUELL with their take on Dear Dreamer, at #47 with 1,561 copies sold.

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted, it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information.

It happens often with the Daily rankings. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums

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