Oricon Weekly | A3!, Mamoru Miyano and more top this week’s charts

oricon weekly 3rd week may 2020

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the 3rd week of May – which includes singles and albums released between 18/05/2020 and 24/05/2020. 

Let’s take a look at the data. 

Oricon Weekly Album Ranking


RE-ENTRY: Hiroshi Kamiya “TP”

TP Hiroshi Kamiya regular

Hiroshi Kamiya‘s TP re-enters the chart at #48. 660 copies sold were more than enough to bring the release back to top #50.

Kamiya TP oricon weekly

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking


NEW ENTRY: A3! “Home / Orange Heart”


A3! Season Spring & Summer‘s theme song CD Home / Orange Heart takes an impressive spot at #5 after selling 3,172 copies.

A3 home, orange heart oricon weekly


Mamoru Miyano “Hikari Sasu Hou e”

Mamoru miyano Hikari Sasu Hou e

Mamoru Miyano‘s Hikari Sasu Hou e makes up for last week’s slip on the chart by gaining 5 places. 995 copies sold took the single from #18 to #13. 

Mamoru Miyano Hikari Sasu Hou e oricon weekly



In the opposite direction go WHITE GRAVITY and BLACK DEJAVU. Another World~WHITE&BLACK~Theme song CD slips from #11 to #15. The single counted with 992 copies sold last week.



Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

Shouta Aoi BAD END cover

Shouta Aoi drops 1 spot with BAD END. Another quiet week of sales with 910 copies sold took the single from #16 to #17. 

Shouta Aoi BAD END Oricon weekly


The Cat’s Whiskers and Akkan Yatsura “PARADOX LIVE Stage Battle JUSTICE”

Paradox Live Stage Battle JUSTICE

On its 3rd week featured on Oricon Weekly’s top 50, The Cat’s Whiskers and Akkan Yatsura‘s entry in the Stage Battle series, JUSTICE, continues to fade out.

812 copies sold weren’t enough for JUSTICE to hold onto its #6, dropping to #20. 

Paradox Live JUSTICE oricon weekly


Argonavis “Hoshi ga Hajimaru”

Hoshi ga Hajimaru argonavis regular

4 weeks since its release, Argonavis Hoshi ga Hajimaru, single featured as the opening theme for ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! ANIMATION, continues its journey. The single wasn’t able to hold on to #34 and fell to #40 after selling 434 copies.  

Argonavis Hoshi ga Hajimaru oricon weekly


Altessimo, Sai and HighxJoker “THE IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY DISC 05”

SideM 5th anniversary vol 5

The biggest drop of the week belongs to AltessimoSai and HighxJoker‘s THE IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY DISC 05. The single comes from #29 to #50 after a weak week of sales with 376 copies sold. 

SideM 5th anniversary vol.5 oricon weekly

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted, it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information. It happens often with the Daily rankings. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums