[Oricon Weekly] Soma Saito, Growth, SideM and more featured on this week’s charts

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the third week of December – which includes singles and albums released between 17/12/2018 and 23/12/2018. 

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album ranking


NEW ENTRY: Soma Saito “quantum stranger”

Soma Saito‘s 1st full-length album comes with an impressive first week of sales under its belt. The album, that showcases his versatility as singer/songwriter, was ranked within Oricon Daily’s top 10 for 4 days straight and peeked at #2 on its second day after release.

With 24,854 copies sold in one week, quantum stranger is ranked at #4 on Oricon Weekly Album chart. A note that Saito is currently the only male solo artist – of seiyuu background – with all releases (singles, mini-albums, albums, compilations, best ofs, etc) ranked within Oricon Weekly’s top 10. The album has also set a new sales record among male solo artists – of seiyuu background (previously belonged to Mamoru Miyano‘s “MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M THE BEST“ – 22,468 copies sold).

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


NEW ENTRY: I-chu Award 2018

I-Chu‘s new mini-album I-chu Award 2018 had a solid first week of sales. The album is currently ranked at #30 with 3,616 copies sold.

Oricon Weekly Single ranking



NEW ENTRY: THE IDOLM@STER SideM WakeMini! Music Collection 03

The newest and last entry in THE IDOLM@STER SideM‘s WakeMini! series is found at #19 after a solid first week of sales. THE IDOLM@STER SideM WakeMini! Music Collection 03 sold 6.896 copies.


NEW ENTRY:  Growth “Apostasy”

Growth‘s 4th entry in the RE:START series shied away from entering the top 25. Apostasy is ranked at #26 after selling 2,740 copies.


NEW ENTRY: KING OF PRISM “X’mas Winter Eyes / Happy Happy Birthday!”

KING OF PRISM‘s Christmas-themed single X’mas Winter Eyes / Happy Happy Birthday! is ranked at #30 after selling 2,215 copies.


A3! “Uraomote Teacher”

ウラオモテTEACHER (Uraomote Teacher), first entry in the MANKAI Company Mix PerformanceSingle series, is featured on Oricon’s single chart for its second consecutive week. The single lost a bit of the heat since last week, dropping from #10 to #32. ウラオモテTEACHER (Uraomote Teacher) currently has over 14.000 copies sold in two weeks.



QUARTET NIGHT & STARISH’s “Setsugetsuka” continues to slowly lose momentum. The single, released 5 weeks ago, dropped from #40 to #46 after selling 1,100 copies in the past week. “Setsugetsuka” currently has over 70.000 copies sold in five weeks.

We’ve reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


RE-ENTRY: Matenro “Matenro -onnin rinshou”

Matenro‘s 1 year-old single “Matenro -onnin rinshou” makes its return to Oricon’s Weekly Singles chart. The single sold 1,077 copies in the past week.

We’ve reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted, it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information. It happens often with the Daily rankings. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums

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