Oricon Weekly | Argonavis, UMake and more top this week’s charts

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the 2nd week of August – which includes singles and albums released between 10/08/2020 and 16/08/2020.

A note that, this week, there were no albums by male seiyuu, bands or 2D idol projects on Oricon’s Top 50. With that being said, this week this article will not feature the “Oricon Weekly Album Ranking” section.

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album Ranking


NEW ENTRY: Argonavis “Starry Line”

Argonavis Starry Line regular
Starry Line regular edition

Argonavis made a bang with their first full-length album, Starry Line.

The talented band managed to sell 7,482 copies of the album, earning a spot at #3, the highest the band has charted on Oricon Weekly.

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking


NEW ENTRY: UMake “Darling!”

UMake Darling! regular

UMake – Kento Ito and Yoshiki Nakajima – released a new single last week.

Darling! had a lukewarm response by their fans, only managing to sell 1,111 copies in its debut week. The single sits at #28.


Jupiter, Beit and THE kogadou “IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY DISC 06”


SideM’s last entry in the 5th anniversary, IDOLM@STER SideM 5th ANNIVERSARY DISC 06 drops from #9 to #36 after selling 755 copies.

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted, it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information.

It happens often with the Daily rankings. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums