Oricon names Soma Saito as a seiyuu worthy of attention through special article

Oricon released an article last week regarding the monthly power rankings in the Anime/Anisong category. Soma Saito stood out during the month of September according to Oricon‘s power rankings.

Soma Saito‘s second single “Yoake wa Mada/Hikari Tatsu Ame” had an impressive run on Oricon – on its first week of sales, the single sold a total of 18,983 physical copies. By the end of September, the 26 year old seiyuu had already 24,038 physical copies sold (it is estimated that the single sold over 30.000 copies combined with digital sales on iTunes, Animelo and more). The single remained on Oricon Weekly for 8 straight weeks before dropping from top 100.

September’s Anime Power Ranking for voice actor sales, measured the sales figures of seiyuu/units/bands/2.5D idols from 18/09/2017 to 09/10/2017 on Oricon. Saito comfortably occupies 5th place, treading behind Idolmaster SideM (2nd place) and TRIGGER (3rd place). He’s the only male solo artist on Top 10.

Seiyuu sales power ranking for September

Oricon mentions the fact that Saito‘s sophomore single surpassed the sales figures of his debut single “Fish Story“. They then enumerate the various roles in anime such as Haikyuu, popular games such as Touken Ranbu, Ensemble Stars!IDOLiSH7 and more, stating that Saito is trully a talent worthy of attention, especially taking into account how much he’s branched out in the past year plus how much talent he’s been showcasing so far in his career.

Some of you might not know this but, in the past few months, Saito has been getting increased exposure through multiple seiyuu and anime magazines features and he’s an active seiyuu when it comes to music/2.5D idol related projects (i.e. SolidS, 2wink, MEDICODE, Fling Posse, TRIGGER and Genesis) thanks to that, Oricon mentions that he’s a seiyuu to be on the look out for, with special attention to his singing skills.