[Oricon Monthly] Trignal, S.E.M, Trickstar and more impress in December

Oricon Monthly December’s final rankings are out.

December wrapped up a year filled with exciting releases and record breaking surprises. December was no exception with IDOLM@STER SideM and Ensemble Stars!‘s units displaying their popularity through various releases. It was also the month that brought back Trignal with yet another playful release.

Among all those December releases there were several that made the cut and impress on Oricon’s monthly ranking – that relies solely on final sales figures on a specific month. We take a look at those below in a summarized version of the chart.



As soon as it was released, the 9th volume of the ORIGIN@L PIECES series quickly held onto top stops on Oricon. The release was met with the excitement of old as well as new fans of the franchise – much due to the popularity of the anime adaptation that was airing at that time -, making it possible for this release to score solid ranks on the daily, weekly and now on the monthly chart.



The IDOLM@STER SideM franchise was, by far, one of the most relevant and active 2.5D idol franchise during the past year. With several different units releasing new music during the past year, as well as the release of a rhythm game and the long-awaited airing of the anime series, this franchise and its units were on fire. It’s no exception nor surprise that S.E.M, Beit and W‘s releases ranked high upon release, ending up with solid sales numbers which led to all these three releases ranking within top 30 in December.

S.E.M, Beit and W‘s releases sold all over 15.000 copies in the past month.

Ensemble Stars! Unit song CD 3rd series: Trickstar and Switch

Ensemble Stars!‘s units Trickstar and Switch stayed true to the franchise’s tradition in 2017 of charting together, ranking high on Oricon’s charts and selling over 10.000 copies in a month. Both releases were quick to grab top spots on Oricon Daily with their addictive and distinct sound, which led to solid weekly results.

After what was a solid 3 week run on Oricon, both releases managed to rank within top 35 on Oricon Monthly.

Trignal “Back to Basic”

Kiramune‘s bubbly trio returned to the music business with “Back to Basic“, their second full-length album. Trignal‘s album was well received by their fans due to its fun and addictive sound. The album was released later in December – a time of the year in which people are less prone to purchase music – but still made it to the charts with pretty good sales numbers.

Over 10.000 copies were sold, enough to solidify Trignal‘s #41 place on Oricon monthly.

And that’s all for December’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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