[Oricon Monthly] Soma Saito, TRIGGER, Nobunagal, Valkyrie with impressive results in September

Oricon Monthly September’s final rankings are out.

September was a month full of interesting releases, between highly anticipated comebacks to hyped first albums and even top collaborations, seiyuu fans had their hands full with the quantity and quality of music releases that were brought to light during the past month. Among all those releases there were several that made the cut and impress on Oricon’s monthly ranking – that relies solely on final sales figures on a specific month.

We take a look at those below in a summarized version of the chart.


The monster rookie: Soma Saito

It’s no surprise that Soma Saito managed to rank high on Oricon Monthly. “Yoake Wa Mada/Hikari Tatsu Ame” was released on 06/09/2017 and sold a total of 18,983 copies during its first week of sales. The single was met with critical acclaim from media in Japan as well as overseas. On our side we found this to be Saito’s best work to date.

Those fantastic sales figures were only from the first week. By the end of the month, Saito managed to sell a total of 24,038 copies.

The numbers have grown a bit more after that. The album continues to chart on Oricon Weekly after seven weeks since its release, currently selling 100 to 200 copies a day. A reminder that, for a rookie singer, this sales total is impressive.

Valkyrie: The unique dramatic rockers impress

Release on the same day as Soma Saito‘s single was Valkyrie‘s fantastic single part of Ensemble Stars!‘s 3rd CD series. Their orchestral sound and dramatic rock made their release one of the most unique charting on Oricon in September. The single charted high on Oricon Daily, snatched a good rank on Oricon Weekly and that, of course, led to their solid rank on Oricon Monthly.

The single sold a total of 18,976 copies and continues to chart on Oricon Weekly after seven weeks since its release. You can read our review HERE.

fine: Ensemble Stars!’s addictive pop-rockers with good sales figures

fine were yet another release made on 06/09/2017 that triumphed on Oricon. Just like the previous two releases, fine‘s single, part of Ensemble Stars!‘s 3rd CD series, charted high on Oricon daily and weekly.

By the end of September, this addictive and bright pop-rock release had sold 14,458 copies. fine are still charting on Oricon Weekly after seven weeks since its release. You can read our review HERE.

Nobunagal: the golden collaboration that deserved more recognition

Nobuhiko Okamoto x TRIGNAL

This was quite possibly one of the most anticipated releases and collaborations in 2017. Nobuhiko Okamoto and Trignal teamed up for what was a fantastic single. Unfortunately, the single’s sales weren’t met with the same enthusiasm.

The single was charting steadily on Oricon daily and weekly; the final ranking in October is not impressive nor are its sales figures but it’s still commendable the fact that they managed to chart on top 50 in a month that had vicious competition. Also, regardless of sales figures, this release is one everyone should check out.


TRIGGER: The 2.5D kings beat records weekly and snatch high ranks monthly

TRIGGER managed to do the impossible in September. “REGALITY” was released on 20/09/2017 and was met with a hot response from their fans, managing to snatch continuous #1’s on Oricon Daily for 5 straight days (for a total of 6 number 1’s in seven days) and snatched the coveted #1 on Oricon Weekly, breaking a record held previously by IDOLiSH7. They are the first seiyuu/2.5D unit to ever snatch a #1 on Oricon Weekly. That feat was publicized and celebrated a little bit across seiyuu media all over the world. Those 31.723 copies sold on one of the most complicated weeks of September to chart (competition included international K-pop stars BTS and EXO, rock legends BUCK-TICK, sensational composer Hiroyuki Sawano and rock veterans GLAY) showed how impressive of a run TRIGGER were making on Oricon.

Contrary to most releases featured on this post or even on Oricon’s monthly chart for September, TRIGGER only count with two weeks of performance on it. During those two weeks they managed to sell 36,670 copies. 5 weeks later, the album is still charting daily and weekly on Oricon. Given how high they were charting in the first two weeks of October, the album will probably make an appearance on October’s rankings.

Idolm@ster SideM showing their popularity

To complete the Oricon Monthly summary we find Idolm@ster SideM‘s 7th volume of their Origin@l pieces series. The album didn’t chart too high but managed to score a good 27th place among all releases in September. Sales wise, the Idolmaster franchise continues to display their strength.

And that’s all for September’s results. Next month we’ll compile October’s Oricon Monthly chart.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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