[Oricon Monthly] A3!, QUARTET NIGHT, Switch and more top October’s charts

Oricon Monthly October’s final rankings are out.

Let’s take a look at the data.




A3!‘s Spring troupe continues to impress with its sales power and popularity. The troupe’s newest release A3! VIVID SPRING EP had one impressive run on Oricon’s charts, managing to claim #2 on Oricon Weekly as well as showing consistency without leaving top 5 on Oricon Daily during its first week of sales. That success carried over to Oricon Monthly chart with the mini-album ranking at #4.



Right behind came Summer Troupe‘s “A3! VIVID SUMMER EP“. The mini-album also presented impressive first week sales numbers, even claiming a #3 on Oricon Weekly. With 35.976 copies in October, this mini-album is ranked at #5.



After completely dominating Oricon’s Daily and Weekly charts in the past month, QUARTET NIGHT‘s “Fiction” is ranked comfortably at #15 with 20.790 copies sold.

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Just a couple of copies shy of 15th place comes “Non Fiction” wrapping up QUARTET NIGHT‘s impressive chart performance in October. The mini-album sold 20.677 copies, earning this release an comfortable #16.

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NEW ENTRY: Switch “Ensemble Stars! Album series Switch”

Switch impressed by ranking at #4 on Oricon Weekly with their first full length album “Ensemble Stars! Album series Switch”. The album ended up dropping from the charts but not without putting solid sales numbers. With 18,362 copies sold, Switch‘s first album is ranked at #19.


NEW ENTRY: MaM “Ensemble Stars! Album series MaM”

MaM also joined Ensemble Stars’ album series with “Ensemble Stars! Album series MaM”. The album entered top 10 on Oricon Weekly but sales easily stagnated a week later, with the album disappearing from top 50. By the end of October, and with 8.355 copies sold, MaM‘s first album is ranked at #40.

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NEW ENTRY: Nobuhiko Okamoto “Braverthday”

Nobuhiko Okamoto made his comeback with a release on his birthday. Braverthday occupied #10 on Oricon Weekly but eventually sales numbers stagnated and the release dropped from top 50. With 7.907 copies sold, Braverthday is ranked at #44.



NEW ENTRY: LIPxLIP “Yume Fanfare”

LIP×LIP, unit consisting of Kouki Uchiyama and Nobunaga Shimazaki, made their comeback with 夢ファンファーレ (Yume Fanfare) and managed to score a #11 on Oricon Weekly on its first week of sales. By the end of October, LIP×LIP occupy #45 with 12.568 copies sold.

And that’s all for October’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles