[Oricon Monthly] Ryuseitai, A3ders!, KiLLER KiNG, MEZZO and more impressed in March

Oricon Monthly March’s final rankings are out.

March was a rather quiet month in comparison with February’s fierce battle between top 2.5D franchises. During March, B-Project‘s units made their long await comebacks, Ryuseitai released their first full length album and showed their popularity, A3ders! arrived in force, leading the way with impressive sales numbers, and MEZZO raised the bar once again.

Where do these albums and singles sit on this month’s chart? Find out on this special Oricon Monthly article.



NEW ENTRY: Ryuseitai “Ensemble Stars! Album series Ryuseitai”

Ryuseitai‘s first full length album had a monster first week of sales. The popular quintet sold over 26.000 copies during its first week, ranking #2 on Oricon Weekly chart. The fantastic sales numbers from the first week were tough to replicate in the subsequent weeks and the release kept losing places on Oricon. Ryuseitai‘s full length album managed to stay within top 50 for two weeks straight. By the end of March, the album had a bit over 31.000 copies sold which earned Ryuseitai an impressive #11.


NEW ENTRY: KiLLER KiNG “Phantom of Love”

It had been a long time since we’d last heard something from KiLLER KiNG. The unit made their comeback with “Phantom of Love“, mini-album that shifted everyone’s ideas about them. The concept and sound were changed and these changes made the mini-album shoot for #18 on Oricon Weekly upon its release. On its second week of sales “Phantom of Love” gained some spots on Oricon Weekly and sat at #15, catching everyone off guard. However, after two weeks the mini-album was far gone from top 50. By the end of March it had 9.915 copies sold, earning KiLLER KiNG a solid #39.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review HERE.



NEW ENTRY: A3ders! “Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu

The A3! franchise has been all about breaking and setting records since their launch in 2017. A3ders!, that just a couple of months ago had their first release certified gold by RIAJ, are almost halfway through it with their new single, “Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu☆Blooming!”. At the time we wrote this article, this special unit was still charting within top 50 on Oricon Weekly for 6 weeks straight.  “Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu☆Blooming!” debuted on #3 on Oricon Weekly, showcasing impressive sales numbers (over 35.000 copies sold) and kept pilling up sales week after week. With a bit over 47.000 copies sold, A3ders! occupy #9 on March’s Oricon Chart.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review HERE.



MEZZO brought all their best assets for their new single “Ame“. IDOLiSH7‘s power vocalist duo rendered a lot of fans to tears and shocked others with their title track featured as the ending theme on the 12th episode of the anime adaptation. Due to that, the single shot to #9 during its first week of sales, with a bit over 12.000 copies sold. This is the first time that MEZZO have a top 10 release on Oricon Weekly. The single managed to stay two weeks within top 50. “Ame” wraps up March with 15.560 copies sold while sitting comfortably on #35.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


NEW ENTRY: Thrive “Chokan Destiny”

Another B-Project unit featured on this chart is the sexy trio, THRIVE. The single debuted on #24 with a bit over 5.000 copies sold. During their second week of sales however, things changed completely. “Chokan Destiny” outsold the first week sales (as a matter of fact, doubled them) and went up on the charts to occupy #17. The single is still ranking within top 50 on Oricon Weekly after 4 weeks since its release. Well, when it comes to its figures in March, “Chokan Destiny” sold 13.369 copies, earning the talented trio a bittersweet #41.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review HERE.

And that’s all for March’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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