[Oricon Monthly] Mamoru Miyano, Soma Saito, Akatsuki, IDOLiSH7 and more top June’s charts

Oricon Monthly June’s final rankings are out.

June was a month dominated by hip-hop. Hypnosis Mic‘s crews were all over the charts (however most aren’t featured on this Monthly Chart) during the past month and, at the same time, some of the most exciting comebacks and Best Of releases didn’t fall behind and impressed with strong sales numbers and/or buzzworthy feats. This is June 2018’s Oricon Chart.



NEW ENTRY: Mamoru Miyano “M&M THE BEST”

Miyano‘s Best Of album had one of the best performances among compilation albums released by seiyuu in the past month. The album ranked high on Oricon’s Daily and Weekly charts (as well as Billboard’s) and was a strong presence in the top 50 for two weeks straight. By the end of the month, “M&M THE BEST” occupies #11 with an impressive total of 29.856 copies sold.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


NEW ENTRY: Akatsuki “Ensemble Stars! Album series Akatsuki“

Akatsuki might have not impressed sales-wise (in comparison with previous album releases within the Ensemble Stars! franchise), yet they still managed to comfortably rank at #25. “Ensemble Stars! Album series Akatsuki“ sold a bit over 16.000 copies.



Hypnosis Mic‘s popularity is through the roof in Japan as well as overseas. In result, Buster Bros!!! and MAD TRIGGER CREW‘s “Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW” is still charting two months after its release. Over 31.000 copies (cumulative) later and this album continues to set sales records in the Hypnosis Mic franchise. The fact is, this album is still going strong on Oricon Daily and Weekly charts – despite the gradually lower sales numbers – which is a commendable feat for this franchise. The album dropped 30 places to #43.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.




BRBRookies made a stellar debut. “GOLDEN ENCORE!” was a fierce presence on the Oricon Charts (and even outside of those), always staying within top 10 ranks during its first week of sales, then dropping a couple of places to top 25 in the following week. With only two weeks of sales counted for this monthly chart, “GOLDEN ENCORE!” had a fantastic run with consistent sales numbers that earned them an impressive #16.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.


NEW ENTRY: Soma Saito “Date”

Soma Saito‘s change to self composed/written rock music led to Date‘s underperforming sales-wise (best selling single is Yoake wa mada/Hikari Tatsu Ame with a bit over 25.000 copies sold). Date‘s sales were modest, with a bit over 15.000 copies sold (in only two weeks counted for this chart), however that didn’t stop him from continuing an impressive journey as a solo artist with another top 10 ranking on Oricon Weekly (he’s the only male seiyuu to have all singles/albums rank within top 10 on Oricon Weekly Chart) alongside with topping four other charts. With June wrapped up, “Date” is ranked at #32.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.



IDOLiSH7 made a glorious comeback with one of their best singles to date. “Nanatsuiro REALiZE” jumped to the top ranks on Oricon’s Daily and Weekly charts, having a strong presence on the charts for two weeks straight. The single was conquering the charts upon release with top ranks on Oricon and Billboard’s charts, even with its low physical sales numbers. The single sold a bit over 12.000 copies, ranking at #41.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.



Just as the chart closes, IDOLM@STER SideM’s WORLD TRE@SURE‘s second single manages to grab a spot for itself. The single wasn’t a chart topper like most releases from the SideM franchise have been, however the single held its own pretty well on Oricon’s Daily and Weekly Charts with its modest sales numbers. The second release on SideM’s WORLD TRE@SURE series ranked at #49 with a bit over 10.000 copies sold.

And that’s all for June’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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