[Oricon Monthly] Re:vale, Utapri, SideM and more shine in the middle of January’s tough competition

Oricon Monthly January’s final rankings are out.

January was a rather quiet month in terms of album releases but the same can’t be said about single releases. Those were plenty, with most ranking high and for more than one week straight on Oricon’s top charts. After battling it out with the likes of Johnny’s idols and K-Pop stars, among other popular acts domestically, these are the ones that made it to January’s ranking.

We take a look at those who made it to this month’s chart below in a summarized version.



Uta no prince-sama Shining Masterpiece Show “Lost Alice”

Utapri‘s first release part of the Shining Masterpiece Show series featured Shinomiya (KISHOW), Reiji (Showtaro Morikubo), Masato (Kenichi Suzumura) and Ranmaru (Tatsuhisa Suzuki). “Lost Alice” had a solid month of sales with over 23.000 copies sold and some top 20 ranks on Oricon Weekly.



Re:vale “NO DOUBT”

The long-awaited “NO DOUBT” debuted within top 5 on Oricon Daily, ranking #7 on Oricon Weekly (first week of sales), after that, the single remained two weeks within top 50. A total of 14,740 physical copies were sold, earning the duo #25 on Oricon’s Monthly ranking.

We reviewed this release, you can find the review HERE.



THE IDOLM@STER SideM’s 3rd ANNIVERSARY series DISC 01 had quite an odd ride. Upon release, the album grabbed top spots on Oricon Daily, by the end of the week the single had a comfortable #8 on Oricon Weekly but after that the release faded away and quietly disappeared from the chart. By the end of January, the first disc of the 3RD ANNIVERSARY series occupies #30 with a little bit over 13.000 copies sold.


Daisuke Ono “Endless happy world”

Daisuke Ono‘s newest single “Endless happy world” was released on the last day elegible for January’s rankings but thankfully, the first day of sales alone was more than enough to overcome a whole lot of releases that dropped early in January. “Endless happy world” sold a bit over 13.000 copies, earning not only Ono solid Oricon Daily, Weekly but also monthly rankings. The single sits comfortably at #32.

#33 and #40

Touken Ranbu insert songs

Touken Ranbu‘s insert songs, despite not being from official units or solo artists, need to be mentioned on this chart. Both the first (featuring Mitsuhiro Ichiki & Toshiki Masuda/ Natsuki Hanae & Nobuhiko Okamoto) and second (featuring Takuya Sato, Makoto Furukawa, Koji Takahashi/Mitsuhiro Ichiki & Toshiki Masuda) releases had stunning first weeks of sales, both ranking within top 15 on Oricon Daily and with solid rankings on Oricon Weekly.


Ensemble Stars! Unit song CD 3rd series: MaM

The final volume part of Ensemble Stars!‘s unit song CD series belongs to the franchise’s only solo act, MaM (Kousuke Toriumi). MaM‘s “Blooming World/Festive!” ranked high on Oricon’s Daily (#7) and Weekly (#9) charts during its first week of sales, after that the single quickly disappeared from the top places and out of top 50. By the end of January, the single occupies #42 with over 10.000 copies sold.

#43 / #44 / #45


The most active franchise in the last quarter of 2017 returns with three more releases featured on Oricon Monthly. This time around IDOLM@STER SideM‘s Jupiter, Dramatic Stars and HighxJoker almost failed to feature on this month’s ranking after having quiet weeks of sales in comparison with the 3 previous releases (S.E.M, W and Beit, all over 15.000 copies sold in December). Each of the three releases sold a little bit over 10.000 copies.

And that’s all for January’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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