[Oricon Monthly] Hypnosis Mic, Shouta Aoi and more top charts in April

Oricon Monthly April 2019’s final rankings are out.

Let’s take a look at the data.



NEW ENTRY: Hypnosis Mic “Enter the Hypnosis Microphone”

Hypnosis Mic‘s first full album “Enter the Hypnosis Microphone” has made it to the monthly chart. “Enter the Hypnosis Microphone” sold over 160,000 copies as it is ranked at #4 in the chart.


NEW ENTRY: Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Trickstar

Trickstar‘s first album, “Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Trickstar” is ranked at #13 as it enters the monthly chart. “Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Trickstar” sold 27,115 copies.


NEW ENTRY: Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Eden

Eden‘s first album “Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Eden” is ranked at #17. “Ensemble Stars! Album Series present Eden” sold a total of 17,429 copies in April.


NEW ENTRY: Tetsuya Kakihara “United Star”

Tetsuya Kakihara‘s 6th mini-album “United Star” is ranked at #32 in the monthly chart. “United Star” sold a total of 8,509 copies.



NEW ENTRY: Shouta Aoi “Tone”

Shouta Aoi’s 10th single “Tone“, featuring the opening theme to the anime “Kono Oto Tomare!“, is ranked at #20 in the chart. “Tone” sold a total of 15,565 copies.


NEW ENTRY: Jun Fukuyama “dis-communicate”

Jun Fukuyama‘s 3rd single “dis-communicate“, featuring the opening theme for the fantasy/supernatural anime Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin, has entered the monthly chart. “dis-communicate” is ranked at #39 and sold 6,340 copies.


NEW ENTRY: Arata Uduki “Story of Colors”

Arata Uduki‘s “Story of colors“, release part of Tsukiuta series Character CD 4th season, is ranked at #43. “Story of colors” sold a total of 6,028 copies.


NEW ENTRY: King of Prism “Shiny Seven Stars/366LOVE Diary”

King of Prism‘s single “Shiny Seven Stars/366LOVE Diary” is on the monthly chart. “Shiny Seven Stars/366LOVE Diary” is ranked at #47 with 5,656 copies sold.

And that’s all for April 2019’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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