[Oricon Monthly] Ra*bits, Daisuke Ono and Trignal top April’s chart

Oricon Monthly April’s final rankings are out.

April was an even milder month in comparison with March. There were less album and single releases by male seiyuu/2.5D units than in other months this year, at the same time those few releases were even less when it came to the ones that managed to chart within top 50 on Oricon’s Weekly charts. Trignal, Daisuke Ono and Ra*bits released strong albums and managed to be the only ones featuring on this month’s chart.

Where do these albums sit on this month’s chart? Find out on this special Oricon Monthly article.

Disclaimer: No single entered April’s top 50, hence we won’t cover that category.



NEW ENTRY: Ra*bits “Ensemble Stars! Album series Ra*bits”

Ra*bits‘ first full-length album is the second release of Ensemble Stars!’s album series to grab a spot on Oricon’s Monthly chart. Upon release, “Ensemble Stars! Album Series Ra*bits” rose to Oricon Daily’s top 10 spots, managing to never leave it during its first week of sale. It sold over 14.000 copies alone during that week. Despite its impressive start, the album soon lost its fuel and, on its second week, it dropped almost 20 places, only selling a bit over 1.900 copies however that didn’t stop this release from featuring on Oricon Monthly’s chart.

The quartet entered this chart with only two weeks of sales counting for their rank and still managed to rank within top 20 against other releases that had more weeks under their belts. Over 16.000 copies were sold in April, earning this release a comfortable #18 on this chart.



Daisuke Ono brought everything to the table for what is his best album release to date. “STARTRAIN” shot to top places on Oricon Daily upon release, having an all around strong first week of sales that earned it a #5 on Oricon Weekly. By the end of April, the album had sold over 12.000 copies, earning OnoD‘s a comfortable #24 on this month’s chart.

We reviewed this release. You can find the review HERE.



NEW ENTRY: Trignal “tricolore”

Trignal brought their funky pop back with “tricolore“, special mini-album released to celebrate the trio’s 5th anniversary. The album performed well during its first week scoring a #11 on Oricon Weekly, the following weeks were rather mild, with the album reaching a bit under 9.000 copies sold by the end of the month. Trignal occupy #29 on this month’s chart.

And that’s all for April’s results.

SOURCE: ORICON – albums / singles

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