Oricon Charts

At The Hand That Feeds HQ, you will find all about the journey of your favorite male seiyuu and 2D units’ music releases on the Oricon Charts.

The Oricon Charts are the official music chart in Japan, the one all artists aim to top.

The charts include rankings for SinglesAlbumsAnimation and more. All these charts only count physical sales.

THTFHQ covers the Singles and Albums charts, the most important categories in the music industry in Japan.

These categories have been graced by male seiyuu and 2D idol and band projects that have soared and, at times, conquered them despite the tough competition of professional singers, renowned and respected bands and solo artists in Japan.

For reference, the pioneers among male seiyuu / 2D male idol groups are:

You can find more about other pioneers among male seiyuu in THTFHQ Decade in Review articles.

Projects with multiple Gold Record Certifications by The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ):

All articles covering the Oricon Charts at THTFHQ only feature the male seiyuu and 2D idol / band projects. For extended rankings it is advised that you check the source links at the bottom of each article, as those will take you directly to the category you want to check.

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