OLDCODEX Tour 2017 “they go, Where?” to be broadcasted on TBS

OLDCODEX‘s electrifying 2017 Tour “they go, Where?” is going to be broadcasted on TBS.

The band is still on tour promoting their album “they go, Where?“, OLDCODEX Tour 2017 “they go, Where?” kicked off in early September and will end on 23/12/2017 in Shizuoka.

One of the tour’s shows (Saitama on 08/10/2017) was recorded and TBS channel 1 is going to broadcast a digest version of it on 16/12/2017 at 8 p.m. JST.

On another note: OLDCODEX are going to release a new single in 2018, “Growth Arrow“. For more information about it please refer to this article.

OLDCODEX will hold their first ever arena tour in Japan in 2018. For more details please check this article.

SOURCE: TBS Channel official website