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After their amazing mini-album pledge, OLDCODEX now present us with Lantana. This single will be featured as the ending theme of Kuroko no Basket 3rd season. Their previous release was an unexpectedly good surprise so let’s hope this time it’ll be to.  Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

This single is available on two editions: regular and limited.


Single: Lantana
Label: Lantis
Release date: 10/06/15
Genre: Punk-rock

Good loser

Track by track analysis:

1- Lantana

Starting with powerful guitars and an instrumental that follows it up well we have Lantana, the ending theme of the third installment of the Kuroko no Basket series. Their trademark bass is there and although this track is the usual OLDCODEX, we still can notice that somehow the instrumental is a little “softer” than usual. With all that say, Lantana is still a good track from the band with usual guitar and bass performance that make the fans satisfied. After the chorus we have some highlight on the a guitar that makes us remember the one from Frame in Flame from their album A Silent, within The Roar, which is good because the fans will, surely, agree that it was a good incorporation. In this track that guitar is what gives it an overall more relaxed instrumental, and you definitely cannot forget the guitar solo, that is simply amazing, fast but still has its beauty. The chorus if this track is really addicting. This track really shows us a new side of the band as we have been showed in the most recent releases, and I have to say, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that their “sound” is getting some pretty good “upgrades”.  4.5/5

2- Dirt

Kicking off with a melodic guitar and quickly turning the track heavier we have Dirt, a track that takes us back to the heavy instrumentals of OLDCODEX. The bass and guitars are the main focus of the instrumental and especially the guitar that is on “solo-mode” in the background instrumental, a little more noticeable here and there. This track is heavy from the beginning until we reach the chorus, because when we reach it, it’s kind of unexpected because the chorus loses a little of the heaviness and momentum but that’s just in the beginning because we soon understand that the track takes a different road, still remaining heavy but, with a different composition that was really good and something new in their repertoire, which is always good. The guitar solo is accompanied by the bass and is also an amazing one.  5/5

3- Good loser

Reaching the end of this single we have Good loser. With the guitar and then the rest of the instrumentals we have a powerful intro. The complete main focus on this tracks is without any doubt the guitar that is on solo-mode throughout the whole song. This instrumental is different from the usual, but we still can point the trademark instrumental in this track. Right before entering the chorus and when reaching the chorus we have the best change to notice the  new “sound” of OLDCODEX that I’ve mentioned. The guitar before the solo makes us remember Craving for and the actual solo is also awesome. 4.5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

This single although it was short it was worth listening to. OLDCODEX has been steadily changing their “sound” and since their, at least, two previous releases that has really been showing in almost every track, this single was not an exception, Lantana and Good loser are the best examples. Even if those elements and the different composition of the tracks help us notice the new side of the band we still have tracks like Dirt that were amazing but that returned to the all-so known OLDCODEX, which isn’t by any means a bad thing and actually makes you remember their old songs. I hope the band continues with their good work and improvement so that in the close future we can expect even greater things from them.

Lantana” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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