OLDCODEX “Heading to Over” (Review)

OLDCODEX’s new release builds the bridge between the old and the new. Buckle up and prepare yourselves as “Heading to Over” takes you on a journey through the best the band has to offer.

Regular edition

[Disclaimer: Review of the regular version only]

Title: Heading to Over
Label: Lantis
Release date: 25/07/18
Genre: Pop-punk/Punk-rock


1 - Heading to Over (composed by Ta_2)
2 - Bang     
3 - another point

Track by track analysis:

1- Heading to Over

Powerful drum work and bassline make this track’s intrumental piece for the intro. Heading to Over is an OLDCODEX track through and through. This is one of the tracks that definitely has the trademark “sound” that we easily identify as the band’s. The fact that we get a especially moment for Ta_2 to do attempt to rap and to listen to a short guitar solo, overall adds a little spice to the track’s instrumental. Heading to Over is a track which has quite a few of tempo changes where the rhythym is broken yet for some reason that does not affect the perception the listener has, in fact it is due to that strategy that one has, more than ever, to be on the look out for every detail of the instrumental piece.

If there is something we have to take after listening to this track is that the band has been focusing more on tracks that have a quick tempo and therefore not only have a powerful instrumental piece but also, and as a consequence of that, become suitable for a live concert context. Heading to Over is the ideal example. It’s powerful drums and bassline are by far the main focus of the track’s instrumental, not forgetting Ta_2‘s vocal performance, which although not different from usual, really fits like a glove.  4.5/5

2- Bang

OLDCODEX is constantly tweaking its “sound” and that for sure something we have been noticing throughout the band’s releases, between electronica elements and synths. Punk-pop meets funky. Bang manages to incorporate both OLDCODEX‘s “sound” with the guitar and bass with some synths that give a funky vibe to this track’s instrumental piece. Although, the band has appeared to be adept to change and incorporate new elements, we must say that Bang certainly was a something unforeseen yet undeniably addicting. One can easily listen to this track in repeat. 4.5/5

3- another point

another point exudes some dark vibes since the first few seconds. The first thing one can notice is just how the mood changes right before the chorus. This track is by far the best example in this single that Ta_2 should have more tracks is which he can showcase his vocal power in a more technical manner. For a moment there we could notice some vibes from the Cold Hands era minus the synth pads, with the bass drum pedal playing solo and the guitar taking the spotlight creating a simple instrumental.

For one who has been following the band for sometime now, another point will have a completely different impact on you. It is true that the band has been quite a few changes in their “sound” throughout the years, and in fact, there is always a new element that one can notice with each release of the band, yet it sounds so nostalgic when OLDCODEX bring back elements from the beginning of their career and incorporate it in some new tracks, as they did with another point. 5/5

Final rating:

Heading to Over is a single full of surprises. For better or worse, OLDCODEX has been on an on-going process of perfecting their “sound” and in the course of the past few years we can certainly say that the band has managed to create some amazing tracks and others that fell short, but they’ve learnt with their mishaps.

Heading to Over has the usual energy we expect from the band, so no surprise there. What adds uniqueness to this track is the fact that not only does Ta_2 attempt to rap but the track also has another trick up its sleeve, so to say. Playing with the momentum and rhythm, Heading to Over definitelly makes one focus on the difference of the tempo.

Bang on the other side, though equally surprising, does not stand on equal footing with the other tracks. OLDCODEX is a band that has never really made endeavors to the funky genre or attempt an approach more focused on that, yet somehow Bang has proved that the band has what it takes to bring their “sound” to the table and incorporate the playfullness to their instrumental piece.

another point is hands down the best track from the single. When a band like OLDCODEX brings back some elements from their earliest days, it’s bound to make the fans reminisce about previous releases and another point has that effect.

Heading to Over” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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