OLDCODEX “Growth Arrow” (Review)

OLDCODEX are back with the band’s first release of the year, Growth Arrow. This single will feature the opening theme for Butlers: A Millennium Century Story. The single delivers us an upgraded version of OLDCODEX as Ta_2 has stepped up his game as well as the overall performance and sound of the band has been polished.

More information regarding the single.

Regular edition
Title: Growth Arrow
Label: Lantis
Release date: 07/02/18
Genre: Pop-punk/Punk-rock


1 - Growth Arrow
2 - Sonic In Portrait
3 - Shelter

Track by track analysis:

1- Growth Arrow

To kick off the single, OLDCODEX have delivered us Growth Arrow, a track with strong industrial rock influence delivered to us by the dirty synths and the guitar riffs, at least in what concerns the intro of this track. Though the pre-chorus sounds just as any other track by the band, the fact that the instrumental piece has been performed in a way that actually sounds fresh and heavy as usual, especially the drums and bass, is something worth praising. The chorus has just the right amount of energy, provided by the bass and drums. Despite the fact that one might have the urge to name one of the instruments as it being the reason as to why the instrumental piece may sound better, it is important to have in mind that the drums and the bass are the main focus of Growth Arrow and there is no denying it. In this track, if one listens to it closely, Ta_2‘s vocal performance appears to have improved as he sounds clearer and slightly more confident, a good thing nonetheless. 4.5/5

2- Sonic In Portrait

Kicking of with only the drums and the guitar, Sonic In Portrait has a rather interesting intro, as the instruments make their way to the spotlight one by one, the bass being the last one. This track, unlike the previous one, appears to not be the usual from OLDCODEX, though the bass still screams of the band’s trademark sound. One thing is for sure, Ta_2‘s way of approaching his vocal performance was unexpected as he alternated the tempo with which he sang, which did add a nice thouch to the track. His performance alongside the drums’s and the remaining instrumental piece really brought this track together as it might otherwise have sounded unnatural for the band. The solo was interesting as Ta_2 attempted to rap, though it was a quick attempt, following that we get to listen to a  a guitar solo. The fast tempo of the drums really fits in what sounded like a rather attypical track from the band and turned out to be a good old OLDCODEX track. 5/5

3- Shelter

Shelter makes once again use of the dirty synths that by now we know have been a common pick for the band. This track has a darker instrumental piece than any other in the single. The guitar performance is rather repetitive, and it will be like that throughout the whole track, so be prepared for that. The interlude is driven by the drums and Ta_2‘s performance as he delivers it to us by make use of screamo, and as aforementioned, this time around it seems like he has gained some control over his vocal performance, even when attempting to sound more raw. 4/5

Final rating:

“Growth Arrow” is a good way for OLDCODEX to kick off their year. “New year, new you”, and the band has indeed made use of this saying as we could ascertain in Shelter and Sonic In Portrait. Both of this tracks are the prime examples of how much Ta_2‘s improved skills has been a plus to the band. However, we cannot forget yet another aspect. Although it is more noticeable the upgrading in the vocals, OLDCODEX has also attempted to improve its instrumental piece, or most especifically, its “sound”. It is not a bad thing to have a fixed “sound” yet there are times where it is equally beneficial to step out of that comfort zone, and that is precisely what the band didin this single.

Though it may sound like baby steps, what we can listen in Growth Arrow is a positive attempt to yet again incorporate new elements into their “sound” and consequently not only improve but to step up in their game, so as the stay relevant, as OLDCODEX as done through the years.

Growth Arrow” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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