OLDCODEX release preview of remixes on “Full Colors”

Full Colors is scheduled to be released on 24/03/2021, available in regular and limited editions.

The cover art for each edition is the following:

Regular edition
Limited edition

Enlisted to review OLDCODEX’s songs are producers and DJs: Jeff Miyahara, Shinichi Osawa, KSUKE, DJ KEIKO and banvox.

The tracklist is the following:

1 - garden gate -FYKE Remix- 
2 - Julio -Full Colors Remix- 
3 - カタルリズム -DJ KEIKO Remix- 
4 - WALK -Shinichi Osawa Remix- 
5 - Rage on -KSUKE Remix- 
6 - 美しい背骨 -DJ KEIKO Remix- 
7 - Heading to Over -Full Colors Remix- 
8 - Deal with -banvox Remix- 
9 - Lantana -KSUKE Remix- 
10 - Aching Horns -Full Colors Remix-

Previews of 美しい背骨 -DJ KEIKO Remix-“, “garden gate -FYKE Remix-,Julio -Full Colors Remix-“, Deal with -banvox Remix-, Rage on -KSUKE Remix-, WALK -Shinichi Osawa Remix-, Catal Rhythm -DJ KEIKO Remix- and Aching Horns -Full Colors Remix- are out.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD only
  • Limited: CD + Blu-ray

Blu-ray contents:

  • WALK -Shinichi Osawa Remix- Music Video
  • Heading to Over -Full Colors Remix- Music Video
  • Making of “Aching Horns” Music Video-Scene.Ⅰ
  • カタルリズム -DJ KEIKO Remix- Music Video
  • Rage on -KSUKE Remix- Music Video
  • Deal with -banvox Remix- Music Video
  • Making of “Aching Horns” Music Video-Scene.Ⅱ
  • 美しい背骨 -DJ KEIKO Remix- Music Video
  • Julio -Full Colors Remix- Music Video
  • Lantana -KSUKE Remix- Music Video
  • garden gate -FYKE Remix- Music Video
  • Aching Horns -Full Colors Remix- Music Video

The bonuses included with first-press editions of “Full Colors” are the following per store:

CDJAPAN, A-on STORE, A!SMART, AmiAmi Online Shop, Gamers, 7Net Shopping, Toranoana, Neo Wing, Rakuten Books, WonderGOO
Animate (Postcard)
TOWER RECORDS (postcard)
TSUTAYA (postcard)
Amazon Japan (postcard)

Full Colors is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: OLDCODEX official twitter account

Last updated on 25/03/2021

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