OLDCODEX – Feed A (Review)

oldcodex 2015Coming out with another release, OLDCODEX present us with Feed A. As per usual, the band’s newest work is featured as the intro theme of the currently airing anime God Eater. Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

This single is available in two editions: Regular and Limited.

cover 12
Regular edition
Single: Feed A
Label: Lantis
Release date:05/08/15
Genre: Punk-rock

Track by track analysis:

1-Feed A

Kicking off this single we have “Feed A” the opening theme of the currently airing anime, God Eater. With a powerful intro and lots of good work by the drums, especially, and the guitar and bass, making this track into one with a slightly long intro. The guitar and the drums are without any doubt the main focus, but also we cannot forget the bass that has its spotlight here and there. The pre-chorus is alot calmer than the rest of the track, but don’t be disappointed because it’s just preparing us for the powerful chorus that comes afterwards. The melodic guitar that comes in the outro is really amazing, and unexpectedly enough it fits well in the instrumental. Also for those of you watching the anime, you’ll agree with me when I say that the instrumental really matches the anime’s story. The chorus is powerful with the guitar and bass along with lots of focus in the drums, so we can say that it was a good choice of chorus because this way the momentum wasn’t lost.  4.5/5

2- Stained me

With an electronic intro plus some back-up help from the drums we have Stained me that quickly gets more melodic but at the same time heavy with just the right “amount” of it. With more focus on the bass than in the previous song, we rapidly return to the more electronic instrumental. I do have to say that this instrumental is completely different from the band’s usual, with a little of rap from Ta_2 in the middle, then adding the chorus, that doesn’t quite fit in the whole instrumental especially because it was kind of abrupt, then after the chorus the actual song looks like it lots its way and the instrumental becomes way too repetitive. I mean, the song is a little difficult to hear until you either reach the chorus, pre-chorus, outro or the solo, anything in between in this track it is very hard to listen. It’s understandable that the band wants to improve and try different things but in this track the problem was that they wanted to mix too much and it ended up not working in the best way but still, for those of you who like tracks with a little bit more of mix, this is the perfect track for you. 4/5

3- Where I stand

To end this single we have “Where I stand” a heavy track with lots of work from the bass and the guitar, which almost creates a “happy” instrumental. This is a track that cleans one’s ears from the previous track. “Where I stand” is the typical track from OLDCODEX, with a powerful drum work, and then a guitar and bass that don’t get overshadowed. The melodic guitar in the pre-chorus is amazing, but the actual focus in this track should be the chorus that is really good, although it isn’t anything different from the band’s usual, but sometimes it is good to return to the origins. This track is clearly the example for showing that “new elements” isn’t always “more”. “Where I stand” is a simple track but an actually pretty good one. 5/5

Final rating:4 stars

Although this single was nice to listen to, I think it is fair to say it is probably one of the least great from their repertoire. Let’s be honest, “Feed A” was a good track with good new elements and with all the heaviness that it needed, but then when we reach “Stained me”, it’s like getting a slap in the face, because as I already mentioned, the track is all over the place until we either reach the pre-chorus, chorus, outro or the solo, because of the over mix that made the track really difficult to listen, to not to say unbearable, which is a shame given the thought that the instrumental itself had potential. Then we have “Where I stand” which ended up being the best track of the single because although it wasn’t anything different from the band’s usual, it certainly was a good and simple song, as I say sometimes less is more. I hope the next release from the band will be better than this one, because it could be a shame to see such a good band good get into a slump.

Feed A” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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