OLDCODEX – Details regarding the new single

OCD 2015

Following the Kuroko’s Basketball wagon like GRANRODEO is OLDCODEX. The punk-rockers are back with another new single to be released this summer. The announcement sounded a bit abrupt since the band is still promoting their new single “pledge“, to be released in April, but it still made a lot of fans explode with happiness.

The official confirmation was given by Lantis in the following days after the announcement made through the 14th issue of Shueisha‘sShonen Jump magazine.

Regarding the new single there are little to almost no information available. Although the single isn’t yet titled, it already has its scheduled release date sorted out: 10/06/2015.

The new single will be available in two editions: Regular and Limited. Regarding the contents of each version:

CD only
Illustrated jacket, CD + DVD with the promotional video

The pre-orders for the new single are already open on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.