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Once again OLDCODEX makes their comeback for the second time this year nonetheless a normal feat for the band. Deal with features the opening theme of the currently airing anime Servamp in which Tatsuhisa is also apart of the cast. Deal with is the band’s 13th single.

More information regarding the single.

Regular edition

Single: Deal with
Label: Lantis
Release date: 27/07/16
Genre: Punk-rock


Deal with
Lead me not

Track by track analysis:

1- Deal with

Kicking off this single we have Deal with, not only is it Servamp‘s opening theme but it also has an unusual power and promising instrumental that makes one wonder which direction it’ll go.  With synths and drums plus the guitars and screamo  we have this track’s instrumental outline laid out for us. Instrumental wise this track is amazing, especially when one reaches the chorus, the guitar riffs and the drums with just the right amount of synths in the background instrumental, in the intro the instrumental is what you really know OLDOCDEX for the heavy guitars, speedy drums plus the bass on “solo mode” throughout the whole track, however Tatsuhisa’s vocal performance was a little too forced, the screamo is so overwhelming that is takes away the attention from one of the best instrumental pieces the band has created this year and not only that but it also makes it difficult to understand the lyrics. Putting this predicament aside, Deal with has an amazing instrumental with just the right balance between the synths and the punk-rock instrumental. If you like tracks such as cold hands and its guitar then you’ll definitely make the connection between the both of them, the resemblance in the guitars is very noticeable for an OLDCODEX’s fan. 4/5 

2- Lead me not

With claps and the guitar we have Lead me not, a different track from the previous one presenting us with a faster tempo instrumental piece and with less to none synths in the instrumental piece revealing a rougher and concentrated version of OLDCODEX from back in the days when they had just debuted. Fast guitar riffs, the bass on “solo mode” throughout the whole track and the slight battle for the main focus in the instrumental between the guitar and the drums while they are following each other makes this track not only trilling but different from Deal with. In the band’s repertoire we must say this is the first track with such approach which in a sense is a very positive thing, at least it shows the fans that the band is trying to incorporate new elements in their “sound”. 4.5/5

3- Bund

To finish off this single we have Bund a track relying on synth pads and the guitar with slight percussion creating a calming intro paving the path to a possible ballad or even a power-ballad. Tatsuhisa is singing this track with a slightly different way from the usual, similar to how he sang hidemind‘s intro. Although this track is more on the calmer side, one must say it is not a bad track at all, in fact it would be good to listen to tracks like this more often. 4.5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

Deal with is a single worth listening to since all tracks have their own charms, be it for Deal with’s instrumental piece which is amazing on its own, however the overuse of screamo, for those who are used to it it might not be difficult to listen to it, but for those who don’t like or aren’t used to the screamo then you’ll hardly like this track.

Regarding Lead me not, one must say it was pleasant to listen to a song with another approach instrumental wise and one might even dare say that vocal wise as well. Since currently OLDCODEX have been investing more on synths and pads, it is nice to listen to a track that relies little to none on these elements, even though we are by any means dissatisfied with the bands current “sound” or preferences, in fact it is the opposite that mix between the synths/pads and the punk-rock instrumental is what makes this band so great since this is a difficult task to accomplish each and every time given the thought that OLDCODEX release up to three, four (maximum) times a year.

Bund was yet another surprise, something one would not expect after listening to the first track since this one is more on the ballad side. Despite the fact that its instrumental is calmer and more simple than the rest of the tracks one should not disregard the fact that Bund is an amazing track enabling the possibility to listen to a different type of track created by the band.

“Deal With” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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