OLDCODEX announce 2020 tour

OLDCODEX are back on the road in 2020.

OLDCODEX Tour 2020 (tentative title) kicks off in April and ends in June 2020.

The dates and locations are the following:

  • 25/04/2020 at Zepp Sapporo in Hokkaido
  • 08/05/2020 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 09/05/2020 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
  • 23/05/2020 at Zepp Osaka Bayside in Osaka
  • 24/05/2020 at Zepp Osaka Bayside in Osaka
  • 30/05/2020 at Zepp Fukuoka
  • 03/06/2020 at Zepp Nagoya in Aichi

For more details on this tour, please refer to the official website (link below).

SOURCE: Lantis