OLDCODEX – Aching Horns (Review)

Credits: Lantis

OLDCODEX return once again with a single, Aching Horns. This single is the main theme of the recent movie of the Free! series “High Speed! -Free! Starting Days“. This is their fourth single released this year following Lantana and FEED A. Without any further ado let’s get this review started.

More information regarding the single:


Single: Aching Horns
Label: Lantis
Release date:16/12/15
Genre: Punk-rock

Track by track analysis:

1- Aching Horns

Kicking off this single we have Aching Horns, a track with a relaxed instrumental delivered to us by the synth pads and the melodic guitar that quickly give place to the usually powerful from OLDCODEX. The main focus of the intro goes to the guitar and drums with the synth pads that are still possible to be heard on the background. Aching Horns has the same “sound” as what we are used to listen from the band, which leaves us with the impression that they returned to their own and unique “sound” that lately they seemed to have forgotten a little. This track has the speed and the powerful instrumental but still manages to be different from any other track they’ve already created. The bridge of this song has a beautiful piano that somehow really mixes well with the rest of the instruments.The solo is simple with only the drums and the guitar but at the same time it is very good. 5/5

2- Reminder

Starting off with an electronic intro with synth pads we have Reminder. After the long intro we have a powerful intro with the guitar and drums, but we must not forget the bass. In this track the main focus definitely goes to the guitar. The mixture of choir and powerful instrumental was an unexpected combo but nevertheless a fine one. This track unlike Aching Horns might be a little difficult one for some of you to like because the instrumental tends to be a little too repetitive, so Reminder may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 4/5

3- Get up to go

To finish this single we have Get up to go, a heavy track, instrumental wise. The way Tatsuhisa is singing this track and the way bass and guitar are being played really make this instrumental an eerie one. With this being said the chorus is even heavier and dark. Each and every time the chorus ends the speed on the track drops but the eerie feeling we got from the beginning still remains there only to reach its peak on the guitar solo, showing a different side of the track itself. Get up to go is an awesome track perfect for those of you who like the heaviest track of OLDCODEX. Couldn’t expect a better way to close this single. 5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

This single was a “return to the origins” type of single. Aching Horns was a good example of it, the powerful instrumental and not the overly exaggerated one’s we listened on previous releases was a bliss to listen to. It had the nice bass-line, the guitar and the powerful drums with some new elements like the synth pads and the piano on the bridge of the track and those were well incorporated, so nice job there OLDCODEX.

Reminder is the black sheep in this single, it is exactly what one would not expect after the first track, the instrumental is repetitive and the track has a intro that, honestly speaking, is a little unnecessary because it does not have a link to the rest of the track, but if you ignore those aspects ti still is a pretty nice track to listen to.

Get up to go is one of the best tracks OLDCODEX has released this year, it has an eerie instrumental with some darkness to it delivered to us from the way Tatsuhisa sang to the parts of the guitar and bass. Get up to go was a really good surprise, it somehow makes us remember Hidemind, if we are talking about the instrumental.

 To conclude this review, Aching Horns was a really good single to listen to so with this said, I think that the stakes went up for their future releases and I hope that they continue with the good job.

Aching Horns” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.
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