OLDCODEX “A Silent, within The Roar” – Bonus revealed


To be released in a few days is OLDCODEX new album.「A Silent, within The Roar」scheduled to hit the stores on 02/04/2014.

With all information regarding the album already revealed, it’s time to reveal the bonuses behind the release. Of course what when we’re talking about bonuses right here in The Hand That Feeds HQ’s, it’s about the ones our Japanese partners “CDJAPAN” make available for you.

CDJAPAN has announced that there’s a bonus poster for all the people that purchase either version of the album, of course it works on a “first come, first served” basis so if you’re looking for an extra special poster be quick on your feet, or should we say, fingers?

On another note: the contents of each edition of the album are already known. As usual we have two different editions: regular and limited edition.

The cover art is the following:

Regular edition
Regular edition
Limited edition
Limited edition

“The Misfit Go”, “Rage On” and “WALK” make their comeback in this album. A promotional video for the album is available on youtube. The track in charge of the heavy promo is “Seek your turn“, a snippet of the PV can already be found online. HERE


The tracklist is the following:


2.Seek your turn
3.Frame in Flame
4. Rage on
6. Landscape
7. wire choir
8. optimistic negative thing
9. Backed out
10. The Misfit Go
11. How Affection

DVD (limited edition only)

1.Seek your turn (pv)
2.Making of “Seek your turn”

The album is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.