Nothing’s Carved In Stone announce 6th album

Nothing's carved in stone

Nothing’s Carved In Stone, the band fronted by Taku Muramatsu and responsible for some hit singles like “Out of Control” (featured in Cyberpunk action anime “Psycho-Pass”) and “Spirit inspiration” (featured in action/fantasy anime “Zetsuen no Tempest”) is back with a new album. This will be the band’s 6th album after REVOLT, released in 2013. 

The new album is still untitled but is already scheduled to be released on 06/08/2014. The tracklist is still unknown but the band has announced that the album will feature 12 tracks including the 2013 release ツバメクリムゾン (Swallow Crimson). The cover art is still unknown. As soon as more information is released we’ll update this news.