Nojima brothers to host “Comic ☆ Prince Cafe Otome st.~ tokimeki-hen”

Hirofumi Nojima and Kenji Nojima team up to host a TV special.

コミック☆プリンスカフェ 乙女st.店 ~トキメキ編 ( Comic ☆ Prince Cafe Otome st.~ tokimeki-hen) is going to air on 22/12/2019 at 23h JST on SkyPerfect TV (Skyper).

The Nojima brothers, Hirofumi and Kenji, now are both housed by AONI Production, are going to host this variety TV special, talking about the BL (boys love) industry and never-heard stories about the production of said works.

For more details on this show, please refer to the official website below.