Night Owl Tales online reading play announce lineup

A star-studded lineup for Night Owl Tales reading play. Get to know more details on this online reading play here.

Night Owl Tales is a unique online reading play that counts with Daisuke Namikawa in both producing and acting roles. The story is set at a bar in Ikebukuro called Night Owl, place where people who know bizarre stories gather.

The reading play counts with 3 characters: the bar’s master, bartender and a customer.

The days, sessions and lineup are the following:


  • Afternoon – Daisuke Namikawa (Master), Nobuhiko Okamoto (bartender), Hiro Shimono (customer)
  • Evening – Daisuke Namikawa (Master), Hiro Shimono (bartender), Nobuhiko Okamoto (customer)


  • Afternoon – Daisuke Namikawa (Master), Natsuki Hanae (bartender), Soma Saito (customer)
  • Evening – Daisuke Namikawa (Master), Nobuhiko Okamoto (bartender), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (customer)

A promotional video is out.

Tickets can be purchased at PIA – the live stream is going to be made via their streaming platform.

For more details on this reading play, please refer to the official website (link below).

SOURCE: Ikebukuro Night Tales