Nico ★ Ichi unveil preview to debut song “Koi no Shangri-La”

Rejet has been, one by one, releasing preview videos for all units under STAR REVO, new handheld rhythm game. Today a snippet of Nico ★ Ichi‘s debut song was unveiled on youtube and twitter.

Nico ★ Ichi consist of Toshinari Fukamachi (Idolmaster Side M’s Shinsoku Ikkon) and Tatsuya Tokutake (&6allein and Tsukicro’s Rigel).

恋のシャングリラ” (Koi no Shangri-La) was unveiled today. Like mentioned before, it seems like Rejet doesn’t intend to release music from the series (at least for now), instead release short snippets of the music fans will be able to play in-game.

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SOURCE: Star Revo official website / Star Revo official twitter account