Newtype anime awards unveils Seiyuu Award results: Yuichiro Umehara wins the category

The results for Newtype anime awards 2016 -2017Seiyuu Award” are finally out.

Among the various categories that include best anime, best soundtrack, the best voice actor category tends to be one in which competition is vicious. This year was no different. These are the results of Newtype anime awards 2016 -2017Best Seiyuu” category:

1 - Yuichiro Umehara

2 - Miyu Irino

3 - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

4 - Soma Saito

5 - Hiroshi Kamiya

6 - Mamoru Miyano 

7 - Yuki Kaji

8 - Jun Fukuyama

9 - Junichi Suwabe

10 - Takuya Eguchi


The official announcement

The full results for all other categories – Best Female Seiyuu (Won by Miyuki Sawashiro), best soundtrack, most anticipated anime, best anime and more – can be found HERE.

SOURCE: Web Newtype