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Narumi Kurazuki tries to find his footing with “Deep“, song that exudes a beautiful R&B sound only messed up by an overproduced chorus.

Introduction to PERFECTION NOISE

PERFECTION NOISE is the name of the newest franchise by TEAM Entertainment – creators behind the popular DIG-ROCK franchise. It is part of the recently announced new TEAM Entertainment sub-label, Spica.

Just like DIG-ROCK, this franchise is going to release drama + music CDs however, unlike DIG-ROCK, this is going to be a more eclectic franchise and drama parts in drama CDs are actually going to be “situation” driven.

PERFECTION NOISE so far counts with the dance and vocal unit, NOISE NOVA (Shoya Chiba, Ryohei Kimura, Soma Saito and Kaito Ishikawa.

For more details on this new 2D music project and its upcoming releases, please refer to The Hand That Feeds HQ’s introductory guide to PERFECT NOISE.


Title: PERFECTION NOISE Vol.1 倉月成海
Label: Spica / TEAM Entertainment Inc. 
Release date: 25/11/2020
Genre: R&B


1 – 新しいマネージャー
2 – 苦悩と葛藤
3 – 不格好な俺でも
4 – 深夜のキス
5 – 嫉妬
6 – 本当に大切なこと
7 – あんたが好きだ
8 – その後の二人
9 – Deep (Narumi Kurazuki solo track)

Track analysis:

9 – Deep

Narumi Kurazuki does the honors and kicks off the series of solo releases in the PERFECTION NOISE franchise.

Knowing how the PERFECTION NOISE is being presented and the music genres it will be exploring in the future, it is safe to say that my expectations for this entry were rather high, especially after NOISE NOVA’s refreshing debut single, True Place.

I expected the same intensity however, in a pleasant turn of events, Narumi Kurazuki’s solo entry showcases his colors in a more sentimental way, and Deep reflects those is a solid way.

Deep is an acoustic, slow paced R&B song with a nostalgic undertone that guides the listener through a distant, melancholic soundscape.

The instrumental builds up from the slow paced, minimalistic beat and dreamy synths sound into something a bit louder and more intense in the chorus.

I can’t get to grips with the chorus.

Between the backing vocals – with the volume for those set a bit higher than you’d usually want in a song, almost covering up the leading vocals – and the intense leading synth, there’s too much going on.

Some elements could have been panned out, put in the background or completely scrapped and the song would still sound good as a whole or, I reckon, even better.

There are times in which the 2 backing vocals tracks and low pitch vocals overcrowd the background, completely stealing the spotlight from what should be the main vocals, something that I find a bit sloppy in the mixing.

If this was intentional, then I can’t even grasp what was intended by the composers of this song, as the focus in the chorus is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Doesn’t sound that good, especially in contrast with the robust, tight, emotional R&B verses.

Aside from the choruses, the song conducts itself in classic R&B fashion, a pity that the chorus, the song’s hook – made to grab everyone’s attention – is incredibly confusing and crowded, taking the attention away from it instead.

In contrast, on the vocal end Shoya Chiba delivers a flawless performance.

From the sweet, gentle vocals in the verses lullabying the listener, to the intensity in his performance in the chorus, Chiba hit all the right spots and did some more to impress the listener.

I find the voice tone he’s using in this song – and overall with NOISE NOVA – to be extremely pleasing to the ears.

Pair that with his skills and technique as a singer and he managed to deliver a natural performance filled with emotion.

Although with a confident, robust core, Deep is a song that struggles to find its way in the chorus due to, most likely, being overproduced and having a messy mixing, with the latter issue having also been encountered on NOISE NOVA’s debut single.

As it is, Deep is a solid entry into the PERFECTION NOISE franchise and who Narumi Kurazuki is as a character.

Far from perfect but still entertaining enough to warrant a couple of listens.

PERFECTION NOISE Vol.1 Kurazuki Narumi is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


Narumi Kurazuki tries to find his footing with "Deep", song that had the makings of an outstanding, old-school emotional R&B song but, ultimately, loses its charm in the messy chorus in which backing vocals have more spotlight than the main ones. An overproduced chorus and messy mixing leave a lot to be desired, especially as the latter is starting to form a pattern. Outstanding performance by Shoya Chiba, indeed the star of this song.


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