Naozumi Takahashi to release new album “Voice Rendezvous”


Naozumi Takahashi is back with new music, at least in his solo career. This will be his comeback after a two year hiatus between releases, his last release “〇十 PLUS+” dates 2012. The 42 year old seiyuu, member of seiyuu unit Marginal#4, is more than excited about this release, his 11th album in his solo career. Titled “Voice Rendezvous” and scheduled to be released on 11/06/2014, the album is available in a unique version – Blu-spec CD2 discs (fully compatible with standard CD players).

More information regarding this release:

Voice Rendezvous

On CDJAPAN this album comes with a limited bonus in a first come, first served basis.

External bonus: exclusive 40mm size can badge

badge sample

For other bonuses refer to Naozumi’s website where links are provided for each store (depending on the bonus you’re aiming to get). So far there’s no information regarding the tracklist but as soon as it’s available we’ll provide that information.

Voice Rendezvous is available for preorder on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.