Daisuke Namikawa confirms release date for new single and music clip collection

Daisuke Namikawa

Kiramune confirmed the new release dates for Daisuke Namikawa‘s 7th single and the upcoming music clip collection Blu-ray.

After the postponement of the release of Daisuke Namikawa’s new single and special music video collection due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Kiramune already have new dates for both releases.

Still untitled, Namikawa’s 7th single is now scheduled to be released on 02/09/2020, available in 3 editions: regular, limited and Deluxe.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular edition: CD only
  • Limited edition: CD + DVD (music video + trailer)
  • Deluxe Edition (limited number of copies available): 7th single limited edition + Namikawa Daisuke MUSIC CLIP COLLECTION Blu-ray (on CDJAPAN, first-press editions come an exclusive L-sized photo+ A5-sized clear folder + card)

At the same time, Namikawa Daisuke MUSIC CLIP COLLECTION Blu-ray also moves its release date from June 2020 to 02/09/2020.

More details on these releases are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Daisuke Namikawa’s 7th single is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Kiramune