Monthly Whisper #3 – Funky Summer Jams (Part 1)


Returning this month with another edition of Monthly Whisper, we have a special feature, that’ll be divided into two parts. The first part will be published this month and it’ll titled “Funky Summer Jams“.  I’ll present you with 5 tracks that really brings us that “summer vibe” going on. As usual, I hope you like it, and without any further ado, let’s get this Monthly Whisper started.

                        Takahashi Naozumi

ALBUM Decade Gold
RELEASE DATE October 10, 2012

REALR-2012Naozumi is well known for his seductive, sexy and funky songs, and that’s precisely why he is my first choice on this one. Although this track is a really good one and may sound “new and fresh”, we definitely can notice that the song itself has a little of those elements that were very characteristic in 2001, namely the “funkiness” in it.  The bass and that funky guitar are definitely the key points in this track. The synths pads  and the saxophone are also a really good element that combined, brought to the track that whole “Summer track” feel, which is what we were really looking for. Naozumi really is a master in this type of tracks managing to create such a good song. If you don’t know A to Z because its not that typical track that you listen to everyday so I really recommend you listen to it because it really is worth it.

                                DAISUKE ONO

ALBUM Mission D
RELEASE DATE November 19, 2014
TRACK Distance

LACM-14290OnoD is also worthy to be in this top, with Distance. Once again this track has an amazing bass and some synth pads that are really good and adding the funky guitar we have Distance an amazing track for summer. Another thing we cannot forget to mention is the percussion work, definitely making us with the impression of this track being jazzy, funky and really worth listening to it. We also have to mention the piano that really brings us that amazing harmony with the whole instrumental that is a complete masterpiece. Although this type of tracks isn’t really the usually “everyday choice” it certainly is a “sure fire winner” in this list, as the rest. Of course I mustn’t forget to mention  the guitar solo that is simply amazing.

                  TETSUYA KAKIHARA

ALBUM Saichaina
RELEASE DATE April 15, 2015
TRACK Othello

LACM-14317This time around we have a recent song by TetsuyaOthello, that as the previous tracks I mentioned has that “Summer feel” to it. This track has many people remember that funky guitar and jazzy instrumental that was very popular in the disco. I must say that I wasn’t expecting to listen to a song like this from Tetsuya, but is really was a good surprise when I did. The guitar and the rest of the instrumental just screams “funk” in and out, so you can already guess why I chose this track. I mean this three tracks that I mentioned until now are all more or less similar, instrumentally wise, so it’s not by coincidence that they’re one after the other. The key points are undeniably the bass and the guitar, that are a perfect match if I may say so myself. Definitely worth checking it out.

                       MAMORU MIYANO

RELEASE DATE March 11, 2009

KICS-1453Returning to the more relaxed tracks, we have Mamo-chan with Be, a song that never goes out of date and is an absolute favorite for many. We have a little of the “old sound” more on the r&b/funky genre than the electronica and more pop oriented Mamoru that we all know too well.  Be is a track a little different from the previous ones but it still has its place in this top because it really is an amazing track. In this track you really need to give some attention to the synths,bass and the mid-tempo drums, these are the elements that really create that “funky summer jam” harmony. If you don’t believe me, then listen to the chorus and then you’ll definitely agree with me. This track really reminds you of summer, each and every time you’ll listen to it.

              Toshiyuki Toyonaga 

ALBUM Music of the Entertainment
RELEASE DATE April 30, 2014
TRACK Music of the Entertainment

ASCD-1001And this list would not be complete without a song by Toyonaga. He’s known for his funky, jazzing tracks and that’s precisely why we could not forget him. Music of the Entertainment is really a “must” for everyone. Start by the bass and end up with piano and the guitar we have a whole instrumental that is without  a doubt a really funky one. If you have any doubts about it then just wait until the chorus and then you’ll all them dissolved. Although this track has a slow-tempo, it definitely is a good one and probably one of the best, in the list,  to show us that funky yet summer like feel, that we talked so much in this edition of the Monthly Whisper.

With all this funky songs we already reached the end of this edition of this month’s Monthly Whisper. I hope you enjoyed it and the you”ll also look forward for the 2nd part that’ll be up next month.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
The Hand That Feeds HQ founder, content creator, and music reviewer. Basically, the only person managing everything at The Hand That Feeds HQ. Stumbling upon Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" in 2011 was the start of this journey. If music is thought-provoking or deep, you may find her writing almost essays (not limited to, but it happens a lot with Soma Saito's music). She's the producer and host of the male seiyuu-centric podcast, SEIYUU LOUNGE (see Spotify link in this profile).

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